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== 1.2.8 - 29-Dec-2014
* Updated for compatibility with Ruby 2.2.x.
== 1.2.7 - 10-Aug-2013
* Direct IO is now supported on Darwin, and some bugs in the directio
methods have been fixed. Thanks go to Genki Takiuchi for the patches.
* Fixed a bug in fdwalk and closefrom when using Ruby 1.9.3 where
closing reserved file descriptors would segfault the interpreter.
Thanks go to Eric Wong for the patch.
* Fixed a bug in the fdwalk method where it was not honoring the
lowfd argument, and added a test for it.
* The rb_thread_call_without_gvl function is now used internally in
place of rb_thread_blocking_region for Ruby 2.x.
== 1.2.6 - 22-May-2011
* Fixed a potential memory leak in the pread_ptr method where malloc'ed
memory was not freed if the pread function call failed. Thanks go to
Eric Wong for the spot.
* Added the IO#ttyname method.
* Added the (empty) .gemtest file for
== 1.2.5 - 23-Mar-2011
* Use rb_thread_blocking_region internally for IO.pread and IO.pwrite. Thanks
go to Eric Wong for the patch.
== 1.2.4 - 22-Mar-2011
* Use NUM2OFFT where appropriate. Fixes potential 32 vs 64 bit issues. Thanks
go to Eric Wong for the spot and patch.
* Added an example program for IO.pread, and a corresponding Rake task.
* Config substituted with RbConfig, since the former is apparently going to
deprecated in 1.9. Thanks go to Eric Wong for the spot and patch.
== 1.2.3 - 25-Oct-2010
* Documentation updates to the README.
* Updates to the Rakefile, including archive tasks, a default task, and
tweaks to the clean task.
== 1.2.2 - 1-May-2010
* Added the IO.writev method which allows you to write arrays without
requiring an Array#join call, i.e. "gather write". Thanks go to Eric
Wong for supplying the code to support this.
* Some Rakefile updates.
== 1.2.1 - 16-Jan-2010
* Some README updates
* Updates to the gemspec.
* Added the gem:build and gem:install rake task.
* Source code moved to github.
== 1.2.0 - 28-Jul-2009
* Several Linux compatibility fixes, all provided by Eric Wong.
* Now compatible with 1.9.x thanks to Eric Wong.
* Bug fix for IO.pread - memory leak and null byte behavior spotted and
fixed by Eric Wong.
* Changed license to Artistic 2.0.
* Added test-unit 2.x as a development dependency.
* Several tests were updated to use features from test-unit 2.x.
* Fixed the 'example' rake task.
== 1.1.1 - 8-Sep-2008
* Added the IO.pread_ptr method. This returns the buffer address
rather than the buffer itself.
* Added limited support for OS X.
* Minor refactoring of the IO.pread method.
== 1.1.0 - 28-Aug-2008
* Added IO.pread and IO.pwrite methods for those platforms that
support them.
* Fixed a warning that could occur in the IO#directio method.
* Some updates the README, CHANGES, and test files.
== 1.0.2 - 16-Jul-2007
* Added a Rakefile with tasks for testing and installation.
* Some doc updates and internal reorganization, but no significant code
* Fixed an "implicit declaration" build warning (the man page was
mistaken about the header file I should use).
* Minor updates to the example program.
== 1.0.1 - 7-Jul-2006
* Added a gemspec.
* Added or improved the inline rdoc comments in the source.
== 1.0.0 - 16-Jun-2005
* Moved project to RubyForge.
* Added a CHANGES file.
== 0.1.0 - 26-Jan-2005
* Initial release