An alternate implementation of the Pathname class
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== Description
  A drop-in replacement for the current Pathname class.

== Prerequisites
  * facade
  * ffi (Windows only)
  * test-unit (testing only)
== Installation

  gem install pathname2

== Synopsis
  require 'pathname2'

  # Unix
  path1 ="/foo/bar/baz")
  path2 ="../zap")

  path1 + path2 # "/foo/bar/zap"
  path1 / path2 # "/foo/bar/zap" (same as +)
  path1.exists? # Does this path exist?
  path1.dirname # "/foo/bar"
  path1.to_a    # ['foo','bar','baz']

  # Windows
  path1 ="C:/foo/bar/baz")
  path2 ="../zap")

  path1 + path2 # "C:\\foo\\bar\\zap"
  path1.root    # "C:\\"
  path1.to_a    # ['C:','foo','bar','baz']

== Windows Notes
  All forward slashes are converted to backslashes for Pathname objects.

== Differences between Unix and Windows
  If your pathname consists solely of ".", or "..", the return
  value for Pathname#clean will be different. On Win32, "\\" is returned,
  while on Unix "." is returned.  I consider this an extreme edge case and
  will not worry myself with it.

== Differences between Pathname in the standard library and this version
  * It is a subclass of String (and thus, mixes in Enumerable).
  * It has sensical to_a and root instance methods.
  * It works on Windows and Unix.  The current implementation does not work
    with Windows path names very well, and not at all when it comes to UNC
  * The Pathname#cleanpath method works differently - it always returns
    a canonical pathname.  In addition, there is no special consideration
    for symlinks (yet), though I'm not sure it warrants it.
  * The Pathname#+ method auto cleans.
  * It uses a facade for all File and Dir methods, as well as most FileUtils
  * Pathname#clean works slightly differently.  In the stdlib version,
    Pathname#clean("../a") returns "../a".  In this version, it returns "a".
    This affects other methods, such as Pathname#relative_path_from.
  * Accepts file urls and converts them to paths automatically, e.g.
    file:///foo%20bar/baz becomes '/foo/bar/baz'.
  * Adds a Kernel level +pn+ method as a shortcut.
  * Allows you to add paths together with the '/' operator.
== Method Priority
  Because there is some overlap in method names between File, Dir, and
  FileUtils, the priority is as follows:
  * File
  * Dir
  * FileUtils
  In other words, whichever of these defines a given method first is the
  method that is used by the pathname2 library.
== Known Issues
  On MS Windows, some methods may not work on pathnames greater than 260
  characters because of internal function limitations.
  Any issues you find should be reported on the project page at

== Future Plans
  Suggestions welcome.
== License
  Apache 2.0
== Copyright
  (C) 2003-2016 Daniel J. Berger
  All rights reserved.

== Warranty
  This library is provided "as is" and without any express or
  implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
  warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

== Author
  Daniel J. Berger