Adds the wait3, wait4, waitid, pause, sigsend, and getrusage methods to the Ruby Process module
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= Description
  Adds the wait3, wait4, waitid, pause, sigsend, and getrusage methods to
  the Process module.

= Installation
  gem install proc-wait3

= Synopsis
  require 'proc/wait3'

  pid = fork{
    sleep 1
    exit 2

  puts $?.exitstatus # => 2

= Tested Platforms
  * Solaris
  * Linux
  * FreeBSD
  * OS X

= Warnings
  Linux users who compile with gcc -Wall will notice a few warnings. These
  are harmless (and unavoidable atm).

= Integration with Ruby's process.c

  I considered simply providing a patch to the core process.c file, but I
  decided against it for two reasons.  First, I wanted to get something
  out more quickly rather than waiting for approval from the core developers
  who, based on an earlier post, seem somewhat gun-shy about integrating support
  for wait3() and wait4() based, I think, on portability concerns.

  Second, and more importantly, I don't like the cProcStatus class.  The
  extra inspection code seems like an awful lot of work for very little gain.
  The overloaded methods are also overkill, and do nothing but save me the
  trouble of typing the word "status", since all they're for is comparing or
  operating on the status attribute.

= Additional Documentation

  Please see the doc/wait3.txt file for detailed documentation.