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== 1.1.3 - 28-Sep-2016
* Fixed an issue on OSX where the value returned for argc is invalid.
== 1.1.2 - 18-Sep-2016
* Fixed cmdline parsing and handling for OSX. Thanks go to Ben Mathwig for
the spot and the patch.
== 1.1.1 - 30-Jun-2016
* Added thread information for OS X.
* Fixed VERSION constant for HP-UX.
== 1.1.0 - 27-Jun-2016
* License was changed to Apache 2.0.
* The OS X version now requires OS X 10.7 or later.
* Scrapped the C implementation for OS X, and replaced it with a libproc wrapper
using FFI, so it is now pure Ruby. Note that some new struct members have been
added, while others have been dropped. This includes pctcpu, so Sys::Top does
not work at the moment.
* Rakefile updates to accomodate the changes for OS X.
* Some test suite updates and refactoring.
== 1.0.0 - 11-Jan-2016
* Added smaps information for Linux. Thanks go to Joe Rafaniello for the patch.
* This really should not have been a major release, sorry.
== 0.9.9 - 8-Nov-2015
* Added support for cgroups on Linux. Thanks go to Dennis Günnewig for the patch.
* Added a sys-proctable.rb file for convenience.
* This gem is now signed.
* Gem related tasks in the Rakefile now assume Rubygems 2.x.
== 0.9.8 - 18-Apr-2015
* Fixed a bug in the gemspec. Last version got yanked.
== 0.9.7 - 18-Apr-2015
* Fixed a bug in the OSX code that could cause the ps method to fail. Thanks
go to Koshevoy Anton for the spot.
* Some internal refactoring of version handling. Now all platforms use a
single version file.
* Replaced vm_size_t and lwpid_t with universal data types on FreeBSD because
FFI on FreeBSD 10 no longer understands them. Thanks go to Mike Owens for
the spot.
== 0.9.6 - 24-Feb-2015
* Added NLWP field on Linux. Thanks go to Rich Chatterton for the patch.
== 0.9.5 - 10-Feb-2015
* Significant cleanup and memory reduction of the OSX code. Thanks go
to Ivan (toy) for the patches.
* Skip over /proc/<file>/status if unreadable on Linux. Thanks go to Jianjun
Mao for the patch.
== 0.9.4 - 4-Mar-2014
* Added support for AIX 5.3 or later courtesy of Rick Ohnemus.
* The Solaris version now uses FFI structs instead of a packed array.
It solved issues with 64-bit versions of Ruby and it's self-documenting.
* The FreeBSD version has been converted to use FFI. In addition, additional
struct members have been added, and members that previously returned nil
now return meaningful data.
* Support for NetBSD and OpenBSD has been temporarily dropped. Considering
that the C code did not build on those platforms anyway, I doubt most of
you will notice. Patches for those platforms are welcome, but only using FFI.
== 0.9.3 - 17-Mar-2013
* Fixed a bug on OSX where a long command string arg could cause
a segfault. Thanks go to Nathaniel Bibler for the spot.
* Changed the gem platform from mingw to mingw32 for Windows.
== 0.9.2 - 8-Oct-2012
* Added cmdline support for OS X. Thanks go to Matthias Zirnstein for
the patch.
* Warning cleanup for 1.9.
* Updated the gem platform handling. Replaced the borked string approach
with a two element array for
* MS date strings are now parse with DateTime instead of Date.
== 0.9.1 - 3-Aug-2011
* Added the pctcpu and pctmem members for Linux.
* Added Errno::ESRCH to a rescue clause on Linux that fixed a bug
where a missing entry wasn't being skipped when run as root. Thanks
go to Austin Ziegler for the spot and patch.
* Fixed a build warning for Darwin.
* Updates to the test suite for both Darwin and Linux.
* Added an explicit type check for BSD for pids.
* Added nicer error messages for BSD if kvm_open fails.
* Added .core files to the clean task.
* Altered the platform settings in the Rakefile so that generated gems
use 'universal' platform architectures for any particular operating system.
== 0.9.0 - 14-Oct-2009
* Changed the license to Artistic 2.0.
* Fixed a bug in the OS X code where a segfault would occur when an attempt
was made to gather resource usage information on zombie processes. From
now on that information is always set to nil for zombie processes. Thanks
go to Tom Lianza for the spot and Philip Kromer for investigating the
root cause of the failure.
* Removed the FreeBSD code that read out of /proc. It was a pain from a
maintenance point of view, and most FreeBSD installs do not mount /proc
by default. The FreeBSD platform now uses the same code that the other
BSD platforms use.
* Fixed a bug in the BSD code where the ProcTable::Error class had the
wrong parent class.
* Some major gemspec updates, including an updated license. The platform
handling logic is now in the Rakefile in the 'gem' task.
* Updated the README file to include an additional acknowledgement, a
license change and some minor formatting changes.
* The test-unit library was changed from a runtime to a development dependency.
== 0.8.1 - 6-Apr-2009
* The Linux and Solaris libraries now handle the possibility of a process
terminating in the middle of a read more gracefully. If that happens, they
merely skip to the next record, i.e. it's all or nothing. Thanks go to
Heejong Lee for the spot and patch.
* Fixed a bug in the Linux version where embedded nulls were not being
stripped out of the cmdline data.
* Added the comm alias back to the Solaris version. Thanks go to Jun Young Kim
for the spot.
== 0.8.0 - 26-Jan-2009
* The Linux and Solaris versions of this library are now pure Ruby. Be warned,
however, that only Solaris 8 and later are now supported. This may change
in a future release if there's demand to support 2.6 and 2.7.
* Some Struct::ProcTableStruct members have changed. As a general rule they
now more closely match the C struct member name. See individual platforms
for more details.
* Bug fix for the cmd_args struct member on Solaris.
* Bug fixes for OS X. Added a VERSION constant, fixed struct name, and changed
pct_cpu to pctcpu.
* The .new method is now explicitly illegal.
* The Struct::ProcTableStruct instances are now frozen. This is read-only data.
* Added the peak_page_file_usage and status members on MS Windows. The status
member is always nil, but was added for completeness.
* Fixed the quota_peak_paged_pool_usage member on MS Windows.
* ProcTableError is now ProcTable::Error.
* Minor test case fix for kvm/bsd based versions.
* Added the 'time' library as a require for Windows (to parse MS date/time
format strings).
* The kvm (bsd.c) implementation now works for FreeBSD 7.
* Added many more tests.
* Added some benchmarking code in the 'benchmarks' directory.
* Added a 'bench' Rake task.
* Renamed the test_ps.rb file to example_ps.rb in order to avoid any possible
confusion with actual test files.
* Added an 'example' rake task to run the example file.
== 0.7.6 - 11-Jul-2007
* Fixed the starttime for Linux. Thanks go to Yaroslav Dmitriev for the spot.
* Fixed a bug in the MS Windows version within a private method that parsed
an MS specific date format. This was caused by a backwards incompatible
change in the Time.parse method in Ruby 1.8.6. See ruby-core: 11245 ff.
* Fixed the gemspec (I hope). Please let me know if you have problems.
* Added a Rakefile. Building, testing and installing should now be handled via
Rake tasks. The install.rb file has been removed - that code is now
integrated in the Rakefile.
* Minor directory layout changes and cleanup (mostly for the extconf.rb file).
* Side note - it seems that the code for OS X *does* work, at least on 10.4.10.
I can only conclude that previous reports about it failing were related to
bugs in OS X or were really just build issues. Apologies (and thanks, again)
to David Felstead for the code. However, see the README for more information
specific to OS X, as there are shortcomings.
== 0.7.5 - 23-Nov-2006
* Fixed int/long issues for Linux. Thanks go to Matt Lightner for the spot.
* Minor documentation fixes and changes to the extconf.rb file.
== 0.7.4 - 20-Nov-2006
* Added a patch that deals with the large file compilation issue on Solaris.
You no longer need to build Ruby with --disable-largefile, or build a
64 bit Ruby, in order for this package to work. Thanks go to Steven Jenkins
for the information that led to the patch.
* Added inline rdoc to the source code.
* Added a gemspec.
* Fixed some potential 64 bit issues (struct declarations).
* Added preliminary support for Darwin (OS X). The code was provided by
David Felstead, but does not appear to compile successfully. Help wanted.
== 0.7.3 - 27-Oct-2005
* Fix for 1.8.3 and later (rb_pid_t). This should have only affected
== 0.7.2 - 15-May-2005
* Bug fix for the FreeBSD version that reads from /proc.
* Eliminated the test bug on Linux (inexplicably caused by File.copy). The
test suite should now run without segfaulting.
* Include bsd.c in tarball (oops).
* Minor test updates for FreeBSD.
* The 'pct_cpu' member for the BSD/kvm version has been changed to 'pctcpu'
for consistency with other platforms.
== 0.7.1 - 8-May-2005
* Bug fixed for the cmdline info on Linux. Thanks go to Arash Abedinzadeh
for the spot.
* Added an example program.
* Minor setup fix for Win32 in tc_all.rb.
== 0.7.0 - 25-Apr-2005
* Scrapped the C implementation for Windows in favor of an OLE + WMI pure Ruby
approach. See documentation for details.
* Added an optional lkvm implementation for BSD users. This is automatically
used if the /proc filesystem isn't found.
* Added prusage info for the Solaris version.
* Added name, eid, euid, gid and guid information for Linux. Thanks go to
James Hranicky for the patch.
* Fixed some potential bugs in the Linux version. Thanks go to James
Hranicky for the spot.
* Added the 'sys/top' package.
* ProcTable.fields no longer supports a block form.
* The BTIME (boot time) information has been removed from the Linux version.
If you want that information, use sys-uptime instead.
* The .html and .rd files have been removed. You can generate html on your
own with rdoc if you like.
* Some code cleanup on the C side of the house.
* Most documents made rdoc friendly.
* Renamed 'install_pure_ruby.rb' to just 'install.rb'.
* Removed the 'INSTALL' file. Installation instructions are in the README.
* Some test suite cleanup and reorganization.
* Moved project to RubyForge.
== 0.6.4 - 31-Mar-2004
* Fixed a bug in the pure Ruby version for Win32. Thanks go to Mark Hudson
for the spot.
* Fixed a bug in the C implementation for Win32 where the cmdline and path
values were sometimes wrong for running processes. Thanks go to Park Heesob
for the fix.
* Updated the VERSION constant and removed the VERSION class method in the
pure Ruby version for Win32.
* Updated install_pure_ruby.rb and test.rb scripts.
* Updated warranty information.
* The extconf.rb script has been revamped. See the INSTALL and README files
for important changes since the last release.
* The start ProcInfo struct member on Solaris, HP-UX and FreeBSD is now a
Time object, not a Fixnum/Bignum.
* Modified linux.c yet again to make gcc happy when it comes to multi-line
string literals.
* Minor change to way process state is handled on HP-UX.
* Documentation additions and updates, including warranty information.
== 0.6.3 - 24-Feb-2004
* Fixed a bug in the Solaris version where the cmd_args array did not
necessarily contain data on 2.7 and later. The current patch still
does not quite fix the problem for 2.6 and earlier but can be easily
derived manually by parsing the cmdline string.
== 0.6.2 - 20-Jan-2004
* Fixed a small memory leak in the solaris version.
== 0.6.1 - 31-Dec-2003
* Fixed a minor bug in the cmdline field on Linux where a blank character
was being appended to the end of the field.
* Fixed a minor annoyance where the windows.rb file was being copied into
the Ruby lib directory on install.
* Added a test_memleak.rb file. Currently only supported on Linux and
only does a file descriptor count check. I plan to expand this to
other platforms in the future.
* Minor test suite changes
* MANIFEST correction and update.
== 0.6.0 - 22-Oct-2003
* Significant API change (and thus, a version jump) - only a
single argument is now accepted to the ps() method, and only a PID
(Fixnum) is regarded as a valid argument.
* Calling ps() with a pid returns a single ProcTable struct (or nil
if the pid is not found), instead of a one element array.
* Argument to ps() now works properly on HP-UX and Win32.
* Removed the '#include <sys/types32.h>' in sunos.h. It wasn't needed
and you're not supposed to include it directly.
* Fixed 2.6 compatibility issue with regards to cmdline on Solaris.
* Removed the ProcStatException completely on Linux. There was no reason
to fail on a directory read for /proc/xxx/stat. If the read fails
(meaning the process died in the middle of collecting info for it), it
is simply ignored.
* The ttynum bug on HPUX has been fixed. In addition, the return value for
this field is now a string rather than an int and the field name has
been changed to "ttydev".
* The ttynum field has been changed to ttydev on Solaris and HPUX. On
Solaris, the ttydev is now reported as -1 if there is no associated tty.
In a future release, Solaris and the other *nix platforms will be changed
so that ttydev is always a device name (i.e String).
* Added plain text documentation for all platforms.
* Some test suite cleanup.
* Changed .rd2 extension to just '.rd'.
== 0.5.2 - 18-Jul-2003
* Modified cmdline to extend past the traditional 80 character limit on
Solaris, where possible (Solaris 2.6+ only).
* Added the cmdline_args and num_args fields on Solaris, which returns
an array of cmdline arguments and the number of cmdline arguments,
* Minor modification to fields() method, in addition to warning cleanup
for Solaris.
* Changed "defunct" state string to "zombie" for Solaris.
* Should cleanly compile with -Wall -W now (gcc) on Solaris.
* Added solaris.txt to doc directory.
* MANIFEST corrections.
== 0.5.1 - 16-Jul-2003
* Fixed a nasty file descriptor bug in the Linux code, where file descriptors
were continuously being used up.
* Added the BTIME (boot time) constant for Linux.
* Fixed up the test/test.rb file a bit.
* Added BTIME tests to tc_linux.rb.
== 0.5.0 - 11-Jul-200
* Added HP-UX support!
* Note that passing PID's or strings as arguments to ps() is not supported
in the HP-UX version. This functionality will be stripped out of the
other versions in a future release. See the README file for more details.
* Removed the VERSION() class method. Use the constant instead.
* Separated the rd docs from their respective source files. Now in the doc
* Got rid of the interactive html generation in extconf.rb.
* Changed License to Artistic.
== 0.4.3 - 30-May-2003
* Added a version.h file to store the version number. Modified all of the
C source files to use that instead of hard coding the version everywhere.
* Added a generic test.rb script for those without TestUnit installed, or
just futzing in general. Modified the extconf.rb script to copy this
instead of writing an inline HERE document.
* Modified extconf.rb so that it builds with mingw or cygwin. Thanks go to
Peter Fischer for the spot and patch.
* Modified test suite to work with TestUnit 0.1.6 or 0.1.8.
== 0.4.2 - 14-Apr-2003
* Added pure Ruby version for Win32 - thanks Park Heesob.
* Modified extconf.rb file to handle pure Ruby versions.
* Added install_pure_ruby.rb file, an alternate installation
script for pure Ruby versions.
== 0.4.1 - 31-Mar-2003
* Added support for Solaris 2.5.x.
* All exceptions are now a direct subclass of StandardError.
* Value returned for wchan now more meaningful (2.5.x only for now).
* Fixed the start, utime and ctime for FreeBSD.
* Minor fix to FreeBSD test suite.
* Some changes to extconf.rb.
* Minor doc changes.
* Added License and Copyright info.
== 0.4.0 - 10-Mar-2003
* Added MS Windows support (non-cygwin).
* Added environment information for Linux version.
* Added real exceptions (type depends on platform).
* Added a test suite (for those with testunit installed).
* Removed the sys-uname requirement.
* Heavily modified the extconf.rb script.
* Changed "Changelog" to "CHANGES" and "Manifest" to "MANIFEST".
* Added a VERSION constant and class method.
* Minor internal directory layout change (put 'os' under 'lib').
* Changed package name to lower case.
* Doc changes, including license information.
== 0.3.1 - 16-Aug-2002
* Added a "comm" field to the sunos version. I am going to try to make this a
common field for all platforms to help reduce RUBY_PLATFORM checking.
* Fixed the release date for 0.3.0 (was accidentally marked *July*).
* Added an INSTALL file.
* Minor documentation change to the sunos.c source file.
== 0.3.0 - 11-Aug-2002
* Added FreeBSD support!
* Struct name changed to just "ProcTableStruct" to be compliant with future
versions of Ruby.
* The ps() function now returns an array of ProcTableStruct's in lvalue context.
* Fixed the ability to search by process name in Linux.
* Modified Linux "comm" field to strip parenthesis.
* Some doc changes/additions.
* Added Sean Chittenden to the "Acknowledgements" section. Sean provided me
with access to a FreeBSD box, which is how I was able to provide FreeBSD
support. Thanks Sean!
== 0.2.0 - 19-Jul-2002
* Added the ability to search by process name.
* test.rb modified to be cross-platform.
* Solaris - fixed bug with fname (was accidentally called "name").
== 0.1.0 - 2-Jul-2002
- Initial release.