A Ruby interface for getting system uptime information
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= Description
  A Ruby interface for getting system uptime information.

= Prerequisites
  ffi 0.1.0 or later on Unixy platforms.

= Installation
  gem install sys-uptime

= Synopsis
  require 'sys-uptime'
  include Sys

  # Get everything
  p Uptime.uptime
  p Uptime.dhms.join(', ')

  # Get individual units
  p Uptime.days
  p Uptime.hours
  p Uptime.minutes
  p Uptime.seconds

  # Get the boot time
  p Uptime.boot_time

= Notes
  On MS Windows the Uptime.uptime and Uptime_boot_time methods optionally
  takes a host name as a single argument. The default is localhost.

  The current time, users and load average are not included in this library
  module, even though you may be used to seeing them with the command
  line version of 'uptime'.

== Known Bugs
  None that I am aware of.  Please log any bugs you find on the project
  website at https://github.com/djberg96/sys-uptime.

== Questions
  "Doesn't Struct::Tms do this?" - No.
== License
  Apache 2.0
== Copyright
  Copyright 2002-2015, Daniel J. Berger

  All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used,
  redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Ruby itself.
== Warranty
  This library is provided "as is" and without any express or
  implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
  warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

== Acknowledgements
  Andrea Fazzi for help with the FFI version.

  Mike Hall for help with the BSD side of things for the original C code.

  Ola Eriksson, whose source code I shamelessly plagiarized to get a better
  implementation for systems that have the utmpx.h header file for the
  original C code.

== Author
  Daniel J. Berger