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The win32-eventlog library provides a Ruby interface for reading from and writing to the Windows Event Log
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== Description
  The win32-eventlog library provides an interface for reading from and
  writing to the MS Windows Event Log.

  In addition, you can create your own message event sources using the
  Win32::MC class (provided with this distro), assuming you have the
  proper tools installed.

== Prerequisites
  * ffi
  * Windows Vista or later

  The 'mc', 'rc' and 'link' command line tools are required to create and
  install message sources. You won't need these for simply reading from or
  writing to an existing event log.

== Installation
  gem install win32-eventlog

== Synopsis
  require 'win32/eventlog'
  require 'win32/mc' # If you want to create message files.'Application') do |log|
    p log

=== General Installation Notes
  This will install both the win32-eventlog and win32-mc libraries. The latter
  is strictly for turning .mc files into .dll files. See the mc documentation
  for more details.

== Installing the 'RubyMsg' event source
  If you wish to install the RubyMsg event source then run the
  event_source:install Rake task. This will create a 'rubymsg' directory
  under your toplevel Ruby installation directory (usually C:\ruby), and
  create the .dll, .h, .rc and .res files there, in addition to copying the file. It will then install the 'RubyMsg' event source into your

  DO NOT MOVE THE DLL FILE ONCE IT IS INSTALLED!  If you do, you will have
  to delete the registry entry and reinstall it with the correct path.

  Take a look at the file for the category and message values. If
  you do not understand this, please read the 'tutorial.txt' file in the 'doc'

== Additional documentation
  If you are unfamiliar with message files and event logging on Windows in
  general, please read the 'tutorial.txt' file.

  There are also a couple of sample test scripts under the 'examples'
  directory if you want to futz around and get a feel for how things work.

== If the test_mc.rb tests are skipped
  If the tests from the test_mc.rb file are omitted then you either don't
  have the mc, rc and/or link commands installed or they're not in your
  system's %PATH%. If you have MSVC++, you should have them somewhere on your

== Known Issues
  * JRuby users may need to increase their heap space.

  Please file any bug reports on the project page at

== Alternatives
  You can use ruby-wmi + Win32_NTLogEvent to get Windows eventlog information
  using OLE behind the scenes. 

== License
  Artistic 2.0

== Warranty
  This package is provided "as is" and without any express or
  implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
  warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

== Authors
  Daniel J. Berger
  Park Heesob
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