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require 'rubygems' do |spec| = 'windows-pr'
spec.version = '1.2.2'
spec.license = 'Artistic 2.0'
spec.authors = ['Daniel J. Berger', 'Park Heesob'] = ''
spec.homepage = ''
spec.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
spec.summary = 'Windows functions and constants bundled via Win32::API'
spec.test_files = Dir["test/tc*"]
spec.files = Dir["**/*"].reject{ |f| f.include?('git') }
spec.rubyforge_project = 'win32utils'
spec.extra_rdoc_files = [
spec.add_dependency('windows-api', '>= 0.3.0')
spec.add_dependency('win32-api', '>= 1.4.5')
spec.description = <<-EOF
The windows-pr library is a collection of Windows functions and constants
pre-defined for you using the windows-api library. It also autogenerates
explicit ANSI and Wide character versions of those functions, as well as
constants that can be used as methods, e.g. CloseHandle() instead of
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