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Djblets is a large collection of general and special-purpose building blocks designed to help with the development of web applications written using Django and Python.

The following modules are available. These contain classes, functions, template tags, templates, etc. that can be used by your own codebase.

  • djblets.auth -Authentication-related utilities for registration, login rate limiting, and other auth-related uses
  • djblets.avatars -Avatar rendering with flexible backends (supporting Gravatars, custom URLs, file uploads, or custom options)
  • djblets.cache -Helpers for working with client-side and server-side caching needs
  • djblets.conditions -User-defined condition rules under which actions should be performed
  • djblets.configforms -Category-based, multi-form configuration pages
  • djblets.datagrid -Customizable grids for displaying information, with custom columns
  • djblets.db -Specialized fields, validation, and query operations for databases
  • djblets.extensions -Extension framework, allowing third-party developers to extend your product or service
  • djblets.features -Feature flags for enabling/disabling functionality based on any criteria
  • djblets.forms -Specialized fields and widgets, enhanced form rendering, and dictionary-backed form data
  • djblets.gravatars -Low-level functions and template tags for injecting Gravatars into pages
  • djblets.http -Utilities for working with HTTP requests and responses.
  • djblets.integrations -Framework for integrating with third-party services and offering unlimited numbers of user-defined configurations
  • djblets.log -Enhanced logging capabilities and log viewing
  • djblets.mail -Enhanced Mail sending with DMARC checks and send-on-behalf-of-user functionality
  • djblets.markdown -Markdown rendering for pages and e-mails, with WYSIWYG editing/rendering support
  • djblets.pipeline -Pipeline compilers for ES6 JavaScript and optimized LessCSS support
  • djblets.privacy -Privacy-by-design support, allowing consent to be requested and tracked and personal information redacted
  • djblets.recaptcha -Mixins and form widgets for reCAPTCHA integration
  • djblets.registries -Base support for defining in-code registries, which tracks and allows lookup of custom-registered objects
  • djblets.secrets -Uilities and infrastructure for encryption/decryption and token generation.
  • djblets.siteconfig -In-database site configuration and settings, with Django settings mappings
  • djblets.template -Loaders for intelligent template caching and utilities for working with template caches and state
  • djblets.testing -Utilities for enhancing unit tests and defining smarter test runners
  • djblets.urls -Flexible root-level URL handlers, dynamic URL patterns that can be changed at runtime, and more
  • djblets.util -An assortment of misc. utility functions and template tags
  • djblets.views -Class-based View mixins for controlling caching and more complex dispatch behavior
  • djblets.webapi -Foundation for building fully-featured, consisent, maintainable REST APIs

We built and maintain Djblets as part of the Review Board code review product and Splat bug tracker at Beanbag.

See the documentation for guides and code references for working with Djblets.


Djblets 5.x (release-5.x) supports Python 3.8-3.12 and Django 4.2.

Djblets 4.x (release-4.x) supports Python 3.8-3.12 and Django 3.2.

Djblets 3.x (release-3.x) supports Python 3.7-3.11 and Django 3.2.

Djblets 2.x (release-2.x) supports Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6, and Django 1.6, 1.8, 1.0. 1,0. and 1.11.

Djblets 1.x (release-1.0.x) supports Python 2.7 and Django 1.6.

Djblets 0.9 (release-0.9.x) supports Python 2.6 and 2.7, and Django 1.6.

See the release notes for information on the latest public releases.

Installing Djblets

We provide source builds and Python Wheels for Djblets.

We recommend you use Wheels unless you have a reason to use source builds (which requires a proper build setup for static media).

To install Wheels via pip:

$ pip install Djblets

Getting Support

We can help you with Djblets-related development over on our Review Board development list.

Reporting Bugs

Hit a bug? Let us know by filing a bug report.

You can also look through the existing bug reports to see if anyone else has already filed the bug.


Are you a developer? Do you want to integrate Djblets into your project and contribute back? Great! Let's help get you started.

First off, we have a few handy guides:

We accept patches on (Please note that we do not accept pull requests.)

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