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Latest commit 756cce7 Feb 6, 2016 @davidt davidt Update to django-pipeline 1.6.6
This change does the work necessary to move us to a modern django-pipeline.
This involves several independent but related pieces:
- Bump the dependency.
- Update existing templates to use the new `pipeline` templatetag library and
  associated `stylesheet` and `javascript` tags.
- Add a compatibility library for third-party packages that still want to use
  the old `compressed` tag library.
- Change to use the new `PIPELINE` structure and split out static
  media into a `` file.
- Make changes to everything that manipulates `settings.PIPELINE*` to use the
  new settings mechanism.
- Make a few changes to the staticfiles finders and loaders to cope with
  pipeline's "simplification".

This requires django-pipeline 1.6.6, which contains several patches to fix bugs
and add features that we need for this.

This also adds the very beginnings of 0.10 release notes to include
compatibility instructions when updating to use this.

Testing done:
- Ran unit tests
- Built a djblets package and verified that static media got compiled correctly.
- Explored through the Review Board UI and checked that both the basic UI and
  extensions which shipped static media worked correctly.
- Built an extension and saw that everything worked correctly.

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