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0 0.04074 indian land reservation civilization tribe territory acre school settlement area turkish turkey portion civilized property outrage effort frontier seed
1 0.16581 war state national military united nation resource power great country force service public general effect object establishment defense citizen
2 0.21316 congress law action time measure provision act subject present consideration legislation session country matter message attention executive recommend order
3 0.03657 silver government gold bank coinage dollar bond amount treasury circulation currency debt day purchase coin note paid money act
4 0.09485 war wa force enemy army men troop day german armed victory officer soldier british service nurse fighting air operation
5 0.06581 state law court case united justice supreme provision criminal territory judge offense slave legislation trial general question immigration subject
6 0.0979 god america man faith spirit men life heart earth voice equal good woman destiny speak common call find nation
7 0.07734 ha country nation trust public confidence great side honor occasion honorable happiness hope blessing devotion spirit le fellow circumstance
8 0.1835 world people nation peace war make thing life men great seek democracy problem order free freedom lead power purpose
9 0.08978 labor country product industry market price enterprise work business production capital farmer city income increase cost employment full material
10 0.10594 government people citizen interest american justice national duty institution privilege citizenship regard law matter principle protect doe longer responsibility
11 0.11671 government state people union constitution national united constitutional power president affair oath office duty time federal find authority form
12 0.04259 spain insurgent island party government civil conflict spanish part war strife insurrection interest cuba obligation hold late contest issue
13 0.12261 job tax year american business energy make work family america economy ve tonight school reform education working care program
14 0.15089 state united government ha wa treaty country american citizen question britain claim british made relation great commercial vessel port
15 0.04267 president house senate fellow mr vote member representative congress election vice american party day citizen republican chief deserve citizens
16 0.14417 public people government law interest place purpose present benefit advantage duty free land large tariff general rule private aid
17 0.10517 peace nation good policy international world trade foreign agreement common difference cooperation respect hope republic neighbor commerce mutual understanding
18 0.03389 pension labor life roll soldier pensioner disaster disease widow person class number fixed capital danger child veteran family lost
19 0.2356 ha made time year government condition progress past part great present fact result good ago make long effort half
20 0.04668 state line pacific territory north union mexico south wa island river general kentucky part central southern railroad important difficulty
21 0.13848 service department report secretary ha general work condition office attention recommendation important operation congress post subject system present information
22 0.10295 year wa fiscal total revenue increase june number expenditure receipt sum cent treasury ending preceding amount day including current
23 0.18356 america nation american world year ha people time future today country change responsibility generation home work great hope make
24 0.0256 vessel gun ship navy completed inch construction defense cruiser board building battle sea coast plan contract power torpedo mortar