help communicate meeting times to timezone-challenged participants
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A single-page web thingy that helps communicate (recurring) meeting times to globally distributed (and therefore timezone-challenged) participants.


  • A tzdata tarball (as distributed by IANA)
  • Python (tested with 2.7)

How to install

Simply run make, which will retrieve the latest timezone information and build the templates. On gentoo, it will use the latest installed timezone data from /usr/portage/distfiles/tzdata20*, on other systems it will download the latest timezone information from If you are not on gentoo, you have to manually delete tzdata-latest.tar.gz and re-run make to update timezones.

The JavaScript code currently assumes installation at a host root and redirection of all requests for that host to index.html. On Apache, this can be achieved by employing the FallbackResource directive (consider also enabling AllowEncodedSlashes for your virtual host).

To test locally, run make serve to spin up a simple http server on port 8000.