Create SVG-based maps from Google Latitude location history
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Galatna creates an SVG-based visualization from your Google Location History. It requires Python 2.7 and a Location History output file (LocationHistory.json) as downloaded from Google Takeout. An example can be found in the project directory, as example.png. I described the motivation for and process of writing this code in a blog post.

To create a map, run with the JSON file as an argument. It will output some progress messages to stderr and the SVG to stdout. On a late 2013 MacBook Pro, the script takes about 18s to process my 700000 data points (about 5 years worth of Location History data). Use stdout redirection to send the SVG to a file, then view in your browser of choice; both Firefox and Chrome do okay, although it will take some time to fully render the map if you have extensive location history.

Older versions of Takeout's Location History export feature were a bit broken, in that they exported multiple JSON object keys of the same name with different data. If you have a similarly broken file, can clean it up.