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Mu - Old News

Old news

  • [2010-12-05] mu version 0.9.1 released; fixes a couple of issues users found with a missing icon, the unit-tests.
  • [2010-12-04] mu version 0.9 released. Compared to the bèta-release, there were a number of improvements to the documentation and the unit tests. Pre-processing queries is a little bit smarter now, making matching e-mail address more eager. Experimental support for Fedora-14.
  • [2010-11-27] mu version 0.9-beta released. New features: searching is now accent-insensitive; you can now search for message priority (prio:), time-interval (date:) and message flags (flag:). Also, you can now store (‘bookmark’) often-used queries. To top it off, there is a simple graphical UI now, called mug. Documentation has been update, and all known bugs have been fixed.
  • [2010-10-30] mu version 0.8 released, with only some small cosmetic updates compared to 0.8-beta. Hurray!
  • [2010-10-23] mu version 0.8-beta released. The new version brings mu extract for getting the attachments from messages, improved searching (matching is a bit more ‘greedy’), updated and extended documentation, including the mu-easy manpage with simple examples. All known non-enhancement bugs were fixed.
  • [2010-02-27] mu version 0.7 released. Compared to the beta version, there are few changes. The maildir-matching syntax now contains a starting /, so ~/Maildir/foo/bar/(cur|new)/msg can be matched with m:/foo/bar. The top-level maildir can be matched with m:/. Apart from that, there are so small cosmetic fixes and documentation updates.
  • [2010-02-11] mu version 0.7-beta released. A lot of changes:
  • Automatic database scheme version check, notifies users when an upgrade is needed
    • Adds the mu view command, to view mail message files
    • Removes the 10K match limit
    • Support for unattended upgrades - that is, the database can automatically be upgraded (--autoupgrade). Also, the log file is automatically cleaned when it gets too big (unless you use --nocleanup)
    • Search for a certain Maildir using the maildir:,=m:= search prefixes. For example, you can find all messages located in ~/Maildir/foo/bar/(cur|new)/msg with m:foo/bar. This replaces the search for path/p in 0.6
    • Fixes for reported issues #17 and #18
    • A test suite with a growing number of unit tests
    • Updated documentation
    • Many internal refactoring and other changes

    This version has been tagged as v0.7-beta in repository, and must be considered a code-complete preview of the upcoming release 0.7. Please report any problems you encounter with it.

© 2011 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema
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