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* TODO (fixes, ideas, etc.)
** Future stuff
*** mu4e
- identities (see Jacek's 'mu4e: From field in replies' mail)
- mu4e~view-wrap-lines (use visual-line-mode? see Jacek's mu4e~view-wrap-lines
- contact completion (see Jacek's 'mu4e: using' mail)
- interactive split-view control (Jacek)
- actions for /all/ headers, actions for /all/ attachment
- custom header fields in headers-view, message-view
- guile integration
- check if we can speed up mu4e-proc parsing by using search rather than
regexp search
- show maildirs as a tree, not a list in speed bar
- put threading information in the database, and enable getting the complete
threads when searching
- hide/show messages matching a certain pattern
- fix having multiple header views visible
- make next/prev header respect prefix argument (Jacek's patch)
- mark message, decide what to do with them later
** Done
- make next/prev header respect prefix argument (Jacek's patch)
- make search results a stack (well, multiple stacks)
- optionally keep cc with user's email
- enable setting/unsetting 'Flagged' on messages
- allow narrowing of search results
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