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.TH MU SCRIPT 1 "March 2013" "User Manuals"
mu script\- run a mu script
.B mu script [options] [--script=<script>] [<pattern>] [-- [script-options]]
\fBmu script\fR is the \fBmu\fR command to list available \fBmu\fR scripts,
and run them. The scripts are implemented in the Guile programming language,
and thus only work if your \fBmu\fR is built with support for Guile. In
addition, many scripts require you to have \fBgnuplot\fR installed.
Without any parameters, \fBmu script\fR lists the available scripts. If you
provide a pattern (regular expression), only the scripts whose name or
one-line description match this pattern, are listed. See the examples below.
\fBmu\fR ships with a number of scripts.
run the given script.
when listing the available scripts, show the long descriptions.
all options on the right side of the \fB\-\-\fR are passed to the script.
List all available scripts (one-line descriptions):
$ mu script
List all available scripts matching \fImonth\fR (long descriptions):
$ mu script -v month
Run the \fImsgs-per-month\fR script, and pass it the \fI--textonly\fR
$ mu script --script=msgs-per-month -- --textonly
\fBmu script\fR returns 0 when all went well, and returns some non-zero error
code when this is not the case.
You can make your own Scheme scripts accessible throught \fBmu script\fR by
putting them in \fI<muhome>/scripts\fR (which is typically
\fI~/.mu/scripts\fR). It is a good idea to document it using some special
comments in the source code:
;; INFO: this is my script -- one-line description
;; INFO: (longer description)
;; INFO: --option1=<foo> (describe option1)
;; INFO: etc.
Please report bugs if you find them:
Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>
.BR mu(1)
.BR guile(1)
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