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;; mu4e-mark.el -- part of mu4e, the mu mail user agent
;; Copyright (C) 2011-2016 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema
;; Author: Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>
;; Maintainer: Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; In this file are function related to marking messages; they assume we are
;; currently in the headers buffer.
;; Code:
(require 'mu4e-proc)
(require 'mu4e-utils)
(require 'mu4e-message)
(eval-when-compile (byte-compile-disable-warning 'cl-functions))
;; keep byte-compiler happy
(declare-function mu4e~headers-mark "mu4e-headers")
(declare-function mu4e~headers-goto-docid "mu4e-headers")
(declare-function mu4e-headers-next "mu4e-headers")
(defcustom mu4e-headers-leave-behavior 'ask
"What to do when user leaves the headers view.
That is when he e.g. quits, refreshes or does a new search.
Value is one of the following symbols:
- `ask' ask user whether to ignore the marks
- `apply' automatically apply the marks before doing anything else
- `ignore' automatically ignore the marks without asking"
:type '(choice (const ask :tag "ask user whether to ignore marks")
(const apply :tag "apply marks without asking")
(const ignore :tag "ignore marks without asking"))
:group 'mu4e-headers)
(defcustom mu4e-mark-execute-pre-hook nil
"Hook run just *before* a mark is applied to a message. The hook function
is called with two arguments, the mark being executed and the message itself.")
(defvar mu4e-headers-show-target t
"Whether to show targets (such as '-> delete', '-> /archive')
when marking message. Normally, this is useful information for the
user, however, when you often mark large numbers (thousands) of
message, showing the target makes this quite a bit slower (showing
the target uses an emacs feature called 'overlays', which aren't
particularly fast).")
;;; insert stuff;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defvar mu4e~mark-map nil
"Map (hash) of docid->markinfo; when a message is marked, the
information is added here.
markinfo is a cons cell consisting of the following:
\(mark . target)
MARK is the type of mark (move, trash, delete)
TARGET (optional) is the target directory (for 'move')")
;; the mark-map is specific for the current header buffer
;; currently, there can't be more than one, but we never know what will
;; happen in the future
;; the fringe is the space on the left of headers, where we put marks below some
;; handy definitions; only `mu4e-mark-fringe-len' should be change (if ever),
;; the others follow from that.
(defconst mu4e~mark-fringe-len 2
"Width of the fringe for marks on the left.")
(defconst mu4e~mark-fringe (make-string mu4e~mark-fringe-len ?\s)
"The space on the left of message headers to put marks.")
(defconst mu4e~mark-fringe-format (format "%%-%ds" mu4e~mark-fringe-len)
"Format string to set a mark and leave remaining space.")
(defun mu4e~mark-initialize ()
"Initialize the marks subsystem."
(set (make-local-variable 'mu4e~mark-map) (make-hash-table)))
(defun mu4e~mark-clear ()
"Clear the marks subsystem."
(clrhash mu4e~mark-map))
(defun mu4e~mark-find-headers-buffer ()
"Find the headers buffer, if any."
(lambda (b)
(with-current-buffer b
(eq major-mode 'mu4e-headers-mode)))
(defmacro mu4e~mark-in-context (&rest body)
"Evaluate BODY in the context of the headers buffer in case this
is either a headers or view buffer."
((eq major-mode 'mu4e-headers-mode) ,@body)
((eq major-mode 'mu4e-view-mode)
(when (buffer-live-p mu4e~view-headers-buffer)
(let* ((msg (mu4e-message-at-point))
(docid (mu4e-message-field msg :docid)))
(with-current-buffer mu4e~view-headers-buffer
(if (mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid)
(mu4e-error "cannot find message in headers buffer."))))))
;; even in other modes (e.g. mu4e-main-mode we try to find
;; the headers buffer
(let ((hbuf (mu4e~mark-find-headers-buffer)))
(if (buffer-live-p hbuf)
(with-current-buffer hbuf
(progn (mu4e-message "%S" major-mode) ,@body))))))
(defvar mu4e-marks
:char ("r" . "")
:prompt "refile"
:dyn-target (lambda (target msg) (mu4e-get-refile-folder msg))
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid
(mu4e~mark-check-target target) "-N")))
:char ("D" . "")
:prompt "Delete"
:show-target (lambda (target) "delete")
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-remove docid)))
:char ("+" . "")
:prompt "+flag"
:show-target (lambda (target) "flag")
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "+F-u-N")))
:char ("m" . "")
:prompt "move"
:ask-target mu4e~mark-get-move-target
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid
(mu4e~mark-check-target target) "-N")))
:char ("!" . "")
:prompt "!read"
:show-target (lambda (target) "read")
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "+S-u-N")))
:char ("d" . "")
:prompt "dtrash"
:dyn-target (lambda (target msg) (mu4e-get-trash-folder msg))
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid
(mu4e~mark-check-target target) "+T-N")))
:char ("-" . "")
:prompt "-unflag"
:show-target (lambda (target) "unflag")
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "-F-N")))
:char ("=" . "")
:prompt "=untrash"
:show-target (lambda (target) "untrash")
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "-T")))
:char ("?" . "")
:prompt "?unread"
:show-target (lambda (target) "unread")
:action (lambda (docid msg target) (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "-S+u-N")))
:char " "
:prompt "unmark"
:action (mu4e-error "No action for unmarking"))
:char ( "a" . "")
:prompt "action"
:ask-target (lambda () (mu4e-read-option "Action: " mu4e-headers-actions))
:action (lambda (docid msg actionfunc)
(when (mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid)
(mu4e-headers-action actionfunc)))))
:char ("*" . "")
:prompt "*something"
:action (mu4e-error "No action for deferred mark")))
"The list of all the possible marks.
This is an alist mapping mark symbols to their properties. The
properties are:
:char (string) or (basic . fancy) The character to display in
the headers view. Either a single-character string, or a
dotted-pair cons cell where the second item will be used if
`mu4e-use-fancy-chars' is `t', otherwise we'll use
the first one. It can also be a plain string for backwards
compatibility since we didn't always support
`mu4e-use-fancy-chars' here.
:prompt (string) The prompt to use when asking for marks (used for
example when marking a whole thread)
:ask-target (function returning a string) Get the target. This
function run once per bulk-operation, and thus is suitable
for user-interaction. If nil, the target is nil.
:dyn-target (function from (TARGET MSG) to string). Compute
the dynamic target. This is run once per message, which is
passed as MSG. The default is to just return the target.
:show-target (function from TARGET to string) How to display
the target.
:action (function taking (DOCID MSG TARGET)). The action to
apply on the message.")
(defun mu4e-mark-at-point (mark target)
"Mark (or unmark) message at point.
MARK specifies the mark-type. For `move'-marks and `trash'-marks
the TARGET argument is non-nil and specifies to which
maildir the message is to be moved/trashed. The function works in
both headers buffers and message buffers.
The following marks are available, and the corresponding props:
MARK TARGET description
`refile' y mark this message for archiving
`something' n mark this message for *something* (decided later)
`delete' n remove the message
`flag' n mark this message for flagging
`move' y move the message to some folder
`read' n mark the message as read
`trash' y trash the message to some folder
`unflag' n mark this message for unflagging
`untrash' n remove the 'trashed' flag from a message
`unmark' n unmark this message
`unread' n mark the message as unread
`action' y mark the message for some action."
(let* ((msg (mu4e-message-at-point))
(docid (mu4e-message-field msg :docid))
;; get a cell with the mark char and the 'target' 'move' already has a
;; target (the target folder) the other ones get a pseudo "target", as
;; info for the user.
(markdesc (cdr (or (assq mark mu4e-marks) (mu4e-error "Invalid mark %S" mark))))
(lambda (char)
(if (listp char)
(if mu4e-use-fancy-chars (cdr char) (car char))
(markkar (funcall get-markkar (plist-get markdesc :char)))
(target (mu4e~mark-get-dyn-target mark target))
(show-fct (plist-get markdesc :show-target))
(shown-target (if show-fct
(funcall show-fct target)
(if target (format "%S" target)))))
(unless docid (mu4e-warn "No message on this line"))
(unless (eq major-mode 'mu4e-headers-mode) (mu4e-error "Not in headers-mode"))
(when (mu4e~headers-mark docid markkar)
;; update the hash -- remove everything current, and if add the new stuff,
;; unless we're unmarking
(remhash docid mu4e~mark-map)
;; remove possible overlays
(remove-overlays (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
;; now, let's set a mark (unless we were unmarking)
(unless (eql mark 'unmark)
(puthash docid (cons mark target) mu4e~mark-map)
;; when we have a target (ie., when moving), show the target folder in
;; an overlay
(when (and shown-target mu4e-headers-show-target)
(let* ((targetstr (propertize (concat "-> " shown-target " ")
'face 'mu4e-system-face))
;; mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid t \will take us just after the
;; docid cookie and then we skip the mu4e~mark-fringe
(start (+ (length mu4e~mark-fringe)
(mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid t)))
(overlay (make-overlay start (+ start (length targetstr)))))
(overlay-put overlay 'display targetstr)
(defun mu4e~mark-get-move-target ()
"Ask for a move target, and propose to create it if it does not exist."
;; (mu4e-message-at-point) ;; raises error if there is none
(let* ((target (mu4e-ask-maildir "Move message to: "))
(target (if (string= (substring target 0 1) "/")
(concat "/" target)))
(fulltarget (concat mu4e-maildir target)))
(when (or (file-directory-p fulltarget)
(and (yes-or-no-p
(format "%s does not exist. Create now?" fulltarget))
(mu4e~proc-mkdir fulltarget)))
(defun mu4e~mark-ask-target (mark)
"Ask the target for MARK, if the user should be asked the target."
(let ((getter (plist-get (cdr (assq mark mu4e-marks)) :ask-target)))
(and getter (funcall getter))))
(defun mu4e~mark-get-dyn-target (mark target)
"Get the dynamic target for MARK. The result may depend on the
message at point."
(let ((getter (plist-get (cdr (assq mark mu4e-marks)) :dyn-target)))
(if getter
(funcall getter target (mu4e-message-at-point))
(defun mu4e-mark-set (mark &optional target)
"Mark the header at point, or, if region is active, mark all
headers in the region. Optionally, provide TARGET (for moves)."
(unless target
(setq target (mu4e~mark-ask-target mark)))
(if (not (use-region-p))
;; single message
(mu4e-mark-at-point mark target)
;; mark all messages in the region.
(let ((cant-go-further) (eor (region-end)))
(goto-char (region-beginning))
(while (and (<= (point) eor) (not cant-go-further))
(mu4e-mark-at-point mark target)
(setq cant-go-further (not (mu4e-headers-next))))))))
(defun mu4e-mark-restore (docid)
"Restore the visual mark for the message with DOCID."
(let ((markcell (gethash docid mu4e~mark-map)))
(when markcell
(when (mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid)
(mu4e-mark-at-point (car markcell) (cdr markcell)))))))
(defun mu4e~mark-get-markpair (prompt &optional allow-something)
"Ask user for a mark; return (MARK . TARGET).
If ALLOW-SOMETHING is non-nil, allow the 'something' pseudo mark
as well."
(let* ((marks (mapcar (lambda (markdescr)
(cons (plist-get (cdr markdescr) :prompt)
(car markdescr)))
(if allow-something
marks (remove-if (lambda (m) (eq 'something (cdr m))) marks)))
(mark (mu4e-read-option prompt marks))
(target (mu4e~mark-ask-target mark)))
(cons mark target)))
(defun mu4e-mark-resolve-deferred-marks ()
"Check if there are any deferred ('something') marks.
If there are such marks, replace them with a _real_ mark (ask the
user which one)."
(let ((markpair))
(lambda (docid val)
(let ((mark (car val)) (target (cdr val)))
(when (eql mark 'something)
(unless markpair
(setq markpair
(mu4e~mark-get-markpair "Set deferred mark(s) to: " nil)))
(when (mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid)
(mu4e-mark-set (car markpair) (cdr markpair)))))))
(defun mu4e~mark-check-target (target)
"Check if the target exists; if not, offer to create it."
(let ((fulltarget (concat mu4e-maildir target)))
(if (not (mu4e-create-maildir-maybe fulltarget))
(mu4e-error "Target dir %s does not exist " fulltarget)
(defun mu4e-mark-execute-all (&optional no-confirmation)
"Execute the actions for all marked messages in this buffer.
After the actions have been executed succesfully, the affected
messages are *hidden* from the current header list. Since the
headers are the result of a search, we cannot be certain that the
messages no longer match the current one - to get that
certainty, we need to rerun the search, but we don't want to do
that automatically, as it may be too slow and/or break the user's
flow. Therefore, we hide the message, which in practice seems to
work well.
If NO-CONFIRMATION is non-nil, don't ask user for confirmation."
(let ((marknum (hash-table-count mu4e~mark-map)))
(if (zerop marknum)
(message "Nothing is marked")
(when (or no-confirmation
(format "Are you sure you want to execute %d mark%s?"
marknum (if (> marknum 1) "s" ""))))
(lambda (docid val)
(let* ((mark (car val)) (target (cdr val))
(markdescr (assq mark mu4e-marks))
(msg (save-excursion
(mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid)
;; note: whenever you do something with the message,
;; it looses its N (new) flag
(if markdescr
'mu4e-mark-execute-pre-hook mark msg)
(funcall (plist-get (cdr markdescr) :action) docid msg target))
(mu4e-error "Unrecognized mark %S" mark))))
(message nil)))))
(defun mu4e-mark-unmark-all ()
"Unmark all marked messages."
(when (or (null mu4e~mark-map) (zerop (hash-table-count mu4e~mark-map)))
(mu4e-warn "Nothing is marked"))
(lambda (docid val)
(when (mu4e~headers-goto-docid docid)
(mu4e-mark-set 'unmark))))
;; in any case, clear the marks map
(defun mu4e-mark-docid-marked-p (docid)
"Is the given docid marked?"
(when (gethash docid mu4e~mark-map) t))
(defun mu4e-mark-marks-num ()
"Return the number of marks in the current buffer."
(if mu4e~mark-map (hash-table-count mu4e~mark-map) 0))
(defun mu4e-mark-handle-when-leaving ()
"If there are any marks in the current buffer, handle those
according to the value of `mu4e-headers-leave-behavior'. This
function is to be called before any further action (like searching,
quitting the buffer) is taken; returning t means 'take the following
action', return nil means 'don't do anything'."
(let ((marknum (mu4e-mark-marks-num))
(what mu4e-headers-leave-behavior))
(unless (zerop marknum) ;; nothing to do?
(when (eq what 'ask)
(setq what (mu4e-read-option
(format "There are %d existing mark(s); should we: " marknum)
'( ("apply marks" . apply)
("ignore marks?" . ignore)))))
;; we determined what to do... now do it
(when (eq what 'apply)
(mu4e-mark-execute-all t))))))
(provide 'mu4e-mark)
;; End of mu4e-mark.el
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