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Mug is a toy/demo user-interface for mu. It is not installable, you’ll need to run it from its source directory.

Mug comes in two flavors:

  • mug (in toys/mug), old simple UI, only adding dependency to GTK+
  • mug2 (in toys/mug2), the new UI, which requires GTK+, Webkit and a recent GLib.

The plan for mug is to be a testing ground for the widget-code which will slowly evolve into a full-featured UI.

mug2 supports:

  • HTML email
  • attachments (including in-place opening, drag & drop to desktop)
  • bookmarks (see the mu-bookmarks man page, the UI will load these in the left pane)
  • view source

© 2011 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema