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* NEWS (user visible changes)
** Release <unreleased>
*** mu4e
- much faster header buffers
- fix off-by-one in number of matches shown
- split view mode (headers, view); see `mu4e-split-view'.
- ability to open attachments with arbitrary program, pipe through shell
commands or open in the current emacs
- quote names in recipient addresses
- mu4e-get-maildirs works now for recursive maildirs as well
- define arbitrary actions for headers/messages/attachments using the
actions system -- see chapter Actions in the manual
- allow mu4e to be uses as the default emacs mailer (`mu4e-user-agent)
- mark headers based on a regexp, `mu4e-mark-matches', or '%'
- mark threads, sub-threads (mu4e-hdrs-mark-thread,
mu4e-hdrs-mark-subthread, or 'T', 't')
- use the message-mode FCC system for saving messages to the sent-messages
*** general
- fix for opening files with non-ascii names
- much improved support for searching non-Latin (Cyrillic etc.) languages
we can now match 'Тесла' or 'Аркона' without problems
- smarter escaping (fixes issues with finding message ids)
- allow --summary-len for the length of message summaries
** Release <2012-04-06>
*NOTE*: existing mu/mu4e are recommended to run `mu index --rebuild' after
*** mu4e
- allow for searching by editing bookmarks
(`mu4e-search-bookmark-edit-first') (keybinding 'B')
- make it configurable what to do with sent messages (see
- speedbar support (initial patch by Antono V)
- better handling of drafts:
- don't save too early
- more descriptive buffer names (based on Subject, if any)
- don't put "--text-follows-this-line--" markers in files
- automatically include signatures, if set
- add user-settable variables mu4e-view-wrap-lines and mu4e-view-hide-cited,
which determine the initial way a message is displayed
- improved documentation
*** general
- much improved searching for GMail folders (i.e. maildir:/ matching);
this requires a 'mu index --rebuild'
- correctly handle utf-8 messages, even if they don't specify this explicitly
- fix compiler warnings for newer/older gcc and clang/clang++
- fix unit tests (and some code) for Ubuntu 10.04 and FreeBSD9
- fix warnings for compilation with GTK+ 3.2 and recent glib (g_set_error)
- fix mu_msg_move_to_maildir for top-level messages
- fix in maildir scanning
- plug some memleaks
** Release <2012-03-11>
*** mu4e:
- make mail updating non-blocking
- allow for automatic periodic update ('mu4e-update-interval')
- allow for external triggering of update
- make behavior when leaving the headers buffer customizable, ie.
ask/apply/ignore ('mu4e-headers-leave-behaviour')
*** general
- fix output for some non-UTF8 locales
- open ('play') file names with spaces
- don't show unnecessary errors for --format=links
- make build warning-free for clang/clang++
- allow for slightly older autotools
- fix unit tests for some hidden assumptions (locale, dir structure etc.)
- some documentation updates / clarifications
** Release <2012-02-18 Sat>
*** mu
- show only leaf/rfc822 MIME-parts
*** mu4e
- allow for shell commands with arguments in `mu4e-get-mail-command'.
- support marking messages as 'read' and 'unread'
- show the current query in the the mode-line (`global-mode-string').
- don't repeat 'Re:' / 'Fwd:'
- colorize cited message parts
- better handling of text-based, embedded message attachments
- for text-bodies, concatenate all text/plain parts
- make filladapt dep optional
- documentation improvements
** Release 0.9.8 <2012-01-31>
- '--descending' has been renamed into '--reverse'
- search for attachment MIME-type using 'mime:' or 'y:'
- search for text in text-attachments using 'embed:' or 'e:'
- searching for attachment file names now uses 'file:' (was: 'attach:')
- experimental emacs-based mail client -- "mu4e"
- added more unit tests
- improved guile binding - no special binary is needed anymore, it's
installable are works with the normal guile system; code has been
substantially improved. still 'experimental'
** Release 0.9.7 <2011-09-03 Sat>
- don't enforce UTF-8 output, use locale (fixes issue #11)
- add mail threading to mu-find (using -t/--threads) (sorta fixes issue #13)
- add header line to --format=mutt-ab (mu cfind), (fixes issue #42)
- terminate mu view results with a form-feed marker (use --terminate) (fixes
issue #41)
- search X-Label: tags (fixes issue #40)
- added toys/muile, the mu guile shells, which allows for message stats etc.
- fix date handling (timezones)
** Release 0.9.6 <2011-05-28 Sat>
- FreeBSD build fix
- fix matching for mu cfind to be as expected
- fix mu-contacts for broken names/emails
- clear the contacts-cache too when doing a --rebuild
- wildcard searches ('*') for fields (except for path/maildir)
- search for attachment file names (with 'a:'/'attach:') -- also works with
- remove --xquery completely; use --output=xquery instead
- fix progress info in 'mu index'
- display the references for a message using the 'r' character (xmu find)
- remove --summary-len/-k, instead use --summary for mu view and mu find, and
- support colorized output for some sub-commands (view, cfind and
extract). Disabled by default, use --color to enable, or set env
MU_COLORS to non-empty
- update documentation, added more examples
** Release 0.9.5 <2011-04-25 Mon>
- bug fix for infinite loop in Maildir detection
- minor fixes in tests, small optimizations
** Release 0.9.4 <2011-04-12 Tue>
- add the 'cfind' command, to search/export contact information
- add 'flag:unread' as a synonym for 'flag:new OR NOT flag:unseen'
- updated documentation
** Release 0.9.3 <2011-02-13 Sun>
- don't warn about missing files with --quiet
** Release 0.9.2 <2011-02-02 Wed>
- stricter checking of options; and options must now *follow* the sub-command
(if any); so, something like: 'mu index --maildir=/foo/bar'
- output searches as plain text (default), XML, JSON or s-expressions using
--format=plain|xml|json|sexp. For example: 'mu find foobar
--output=json'. These format options are experimental (except for 'plain')
- the --xquery option should now be used as --format=xquery, for output
symlinks, use --format=links. This is a change in the options.
- search output can include the message size using the 'z' shortcut
- match message size ranges (i.e.. size:500k..2M)
- fix: honor the --overwrite (or lack thereof) parameter
- support folder names with special characters (@, ' ', '.' and so on)
- better check for already-running mu index
- when --maildir= is not provided for mu index, default to the last one
- add --max-msg-size, to specify a new maximum message size
- move the 'mug' UI to toys/mug; no longer installable
- better support for Solaris builds, Gentoo.
** Release 0.9.1 <2010-12-05 Sun>
- Add missing icon for mug
- Fix unit tests (Issue #30)
- Fix Fedora 14 build (broken GTK+ 3) (Issue #31)
** Release 0.9 <2010-12-04 Sat>
- you can now search for the message priority ('prio:high', 'prio:low',
- you can now search for message flags, e.g. 'flag:attach' for messages with
attachment, or 'flag:encrypted' for encrypted messages
- you can search for time-intervals, e.g. 'date:2010-11-26..2010-11-29' for
messages in that range. See the mu-find(1) and mu-easy(1) man-pages for
details and examples.
- you can store bookmarked queries in ~/.mu/bookmarks
- the 'flags' parameter has been renamed in 'flag'
- add a simple graphical UI for searching, called 'mug'
- fix --clearlinks for file systems without entry->d_type (fixes issue #28)
- make matching case-insensitive and accent-insensitive (accent-insensitive
for characters in Unicode Blocks 'Latin-1 Supplement' and 'Latin
- more extensive pre-processing is done to make searching for email-addresses
and message-ids less likely to not work (issue #21)
- updated the man-pages
- experimental support for Fedora 14, which uses GMime 2.5.x (fixes issue #29)
** Release 0.8 <2010-10-30 Sat>
- There's now 'mu extract' for getting information about MIME-parts
(attachments) and extracting them
- Queries are now internally converted to lowercase; this solves some of the
false-negative issues
- All mu sub-commands now have their own man-page
- 'mu find' now takes a --summary-len=<n> argument to print a summary of
up-to-n lines of the message
- Same for 'mu view'; the summary replaces the full body
- Setting the mu home dir now goes with -m, --muhome
- --log-stderr, --reindex, --rebuild, --autoupgrade, --nocleanup, --mode,
--linksdir, --clearlinks lost their single char version
** Release 0.7 <2010-02-27 Sat>
- Database format changed
- Automatic database scheme version check, notifies users when an upgrade
is needed
- 'mu view', to view mail message files
- Support for >10K matches
- Support for unattended upgrades - that is, the database can automatically
by upgraded (--autoupgrade). Also, the log file is automatically cleaned
when it gets too big (unless you use --nocleanup)
- Search for a certain Maildir using the maildir:,m: search prefixes. For
example, you can find all messages located in ~/Maildir/foo/bar/cur/msg
~/Maildir/foo/bar/new/msg and with
this replace the search for path/p in 0.6
- Fixes for reported issues ()
- A test suite with a growing number of unit tests
** Release 0.6 <2010-01-23 Sat>
- First new release of mu since 2008
- No longer depends on sqlite
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