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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
- colorize cited message parts
- better handling of text-based, embedded message attachments
- for text-bodies, concatenate all text/plain parts
- - some other minor things
+ - make filladapt dep optional
- documentation improvements
** Release 0.9.8 <2012-01-31>
11 emacs/mu4e.texi
@@ -639,9 +639,14 @@ see, are the result of some query. Even if you 'jump to a folder', in fact you
are executing a search query for messages that happen to have the property of
being in a certain folder.
-Note, all queries normally return only up to @code{mu4e-search-results-limit}
-results; if you need more than that, prefix your search command with
+Queries normally return only up to @code{mu4e-search-results-limit} (which
+defaults to 500) results. You get @emph{all} results when you prefix your
+search commands (such as with @code{mu4e-search}, @code{mu4e-search-bookmark}
+and @code{mu4e-jump-to-maildir} with @kbd{C-u}.
+The reason for limiting the number of results in the query is that emacs may
+become a bit slow when displaying many results, and in many cases
+@code{mu4e-search-results-limit} should be enough.
* Queries::

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