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@@ -111,13 +111,14 @@ for extract MIME-parts (such as attachments) from messages. See
-Some \fBmu\fR sub-commands support colorized output. If you don't want this,
-you can use the \fI--nocolor\fR/ option to disable it. Even then, colors will
-only be shown when output goes to a sufficiently capable terminal (this roughly
-mirrors the \fI--color=auto\fR of the GNU-version of the \fBls\fR-command).
-Instead of the \fI--color\fR/, you can also set the \fBMU_NOCOLOR\fR
-environment variable to non-empty to disable colors.
+Some \fBmu\fR sub-commands support colorized output using the \fB--color\fR option. This option mimics the
+behaviour of same option in the GNU-version of \fBls\fR-command :
+With \fI"--color=auto"\fR, output is colorized only when stardard output is
+connected to a terminal.
+\fI--color=never\fR doesn't print colorized output in any case,
+and \fI--color=always\fR will always print colors.
+The default value is \fI--color=always\fR.
Currently, \fBmu find\fR, \fBmu view\fR, \fBmu cfind\fR and \fBmu extract\fR
support colors.

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