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* mu4e: fixup directory creation

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1 parent 23fc0b4 commit f334e7ae71eccdc86456765f12c160f60ab61f90 @djcb committed Oct 8, 2012
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  1. +12 −9 mu4e/mu4e-mark.el
@@ -237,7 +237,14 @@ replace them with a _real_ mark (ask the user which one)."
(mu4e-mark-set (car markpair) (cdr markpair)))))))
+(defun mu4e~mark-check-target (target)
+ "Check if the target exists if not, offer to create it."
+ (let ((fulltarget (concat mu4e-maildir target)))
+ (if (not (mu4e-create-maildir-maybe fulltarget))
+ (mu4e-error "Target dir %s does not exist " fulltarget)
+ target)))
(defun mu4e-mark-execute-all (&optional no-confirmation)
"Execute the actions for all marked messages in this
@@ -262,20 +269,16 @@ If NO-CONFIRMATION is non-nil, don't ask user for confirmation."
marknum (if (> marknum 1) "s" ""))))
(lambda (docid val)
- (let* ((mark (car val)) (target (cdr val))
- (fulltarget (concat mu4e-maildir target)))
- ;; check if the target exists; if not, offer to create it
- (unless (mu4e-create-maildir-maybe fulltarget)
- (mu4e-error "Target dir %s does not exist" fulltarget))
+ (let ((mark (car val)) (target (cdr val)))
;; note: whenever you do something with the message,
;; it looses its N (new) flag
(case mark
- (refile (mu4e~proc-move docid target "-N"))
+ (refile (mu4e~proc-move docid (mu4e~mark-check-target target) "-N"))
(delete (mu4e~proc-remove docid))
(flag (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "+F-u-N"))
- (move (mu4e~proc-move docid target "-N"))
+ (move (mu4e~proc-move docid (mu4e~mark-check-target target) "-N"))
(read (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "+S-u-N"))
- (trash (mu4e~proc-move docid target "+T-N"))
+ (trash (mu4e~proc-move docid (mu4e~mark-check-target target) "+T-N"))
(unflag (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "-F-N"))
(unread (mu4e~proc-move docid nil "-S+u-N"))
(otherwise (mu4e-error "Unrecognized mark %S" mark)))))

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