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Nov 10, 2012

  1. Jonas Bernoulli

    improve doc-strings

    The first sentence should summarize the variable's or function's
    purpose and it should fit on the first line.  Change existing
    doc-string by:
    * Move first sentence onto first line even if that makes it _a bit_
    * Move additional notes out of first sentence and add them later,
      possibly as complete sentences.
    * If I am uncertain whether doing the above would alter the meaning,
      _don't_ do it.
    * If fitting the initial sentence on the first line would require a
      complete rewrite of the doc-string _don't_ do so unless it is very
      easy to do.
    * Remove indentation from second and later lines if it is there to
      align them with the first in the source code, instead of in
      `describe-*' output.
    * Make "pullet point" lists a bit more consistent.
    Obviously this does not fix all problems but it's a start.
    authored November 10, 2012
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