mu4e-headers-toggle-include-related returns to the top of headers buffer #269

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While looking through search results, it is useful to be able to see the other messages in a thread, however turing on mu4e-headers-toggle-include-related causes the first mail in the buffer to be selected thus losing my place. It would be nice if the selected message remained selected after turning on mu4e-headers-toggle-include-related.

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I tried this but it doesn't do what I describe above

(require 'mu4e-headers)
(defun my-mu4e-headers-toggle-include-related ()
  (let (this-docid mu4e~headers-docid-at-point)
     (mu4e~headers-goto-docid 'this-docid)
     (mu4e~headers-highlight 'this-docid)))

Yeah, that won't work since getting the message list is asynchronous. It would require some code that remembers where we were after drawing the new list.


Have added this now -- after re-searching some query, we try to move point to the message it was on before.

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