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No names in the "from" header in message-reply-headers after the fix for #236. #338

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Fix for #236 introduced a regression in the way From: addresses are
stored in message-reply-headers (and thus, are seen by citation

Before the fix, if mu4e-view-show-addresses is non-nil, the long
(e.g. “Elvis Parsley <>”) From: address would be
stored as the actual From: value in the temporary buffer by
mu4e-view-message-text. That value was later used by
message-cite-original-1 when constructing message-reply-headers. So
citation functions could correctly parse the first/last/full name out of
message-reply-headers if message-citation-line-format contained one of
“%f”, “%F”, “%L” or “%N”.

After the fix, the only From: part that makes it into
message-reply-headers is the email address
(e.g. Which is why the above format specifiers
don’t work in replies.

@akopytov akopytov pushed a commit to akopytov/mu that referenced this issue
Alexey Kopytov Fix #338 by using “long” contact addresses as the actual field values…
… mu4e~view-construct-contacts-header.
@akopytov akopytov referenced this issue

Fix for #338. #339

@djcb djcb closed this in #339
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