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"Symbol's value as variable is void: org-indent-line" if sending from org-mu4e-compose-org-mode #391

emelin opened this Issue · 3 comments

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emelin Dirk-Jan C. Binnema Jon Miller

When I try to send a message composed in simplest org-mode syntax using org-mu4e-compose-org-mode according to the description at, I either
a) get the following error after pressing C-c C-c (at the message header)

Symbol's value as variable is void: org-indent-line

b) or the message is sent plain text after pressing M-m C-c C-c in the org part of the message asking me:

Already sent message via mail; resend? (y or n)  y

It would be really nice to get the supposed basic functionality working, although it's said to be experimetal.

Btw. If I apply M-x org-mime-htmlize while in org-mu4e-compose-org-mode, html code is produced and after retiring to mu4e compose mode by another M-x org-mu4e-compose-org-mode the sent mail looks pretty promising. So the basic conversion seems to work but not the plugging of things together by org-mu4e-compose-org-mode or org-mu4e, respectively.

Thank you very much helping here out,

Dirk-Jan C. Binnema

The org-indent-line is due some versions of org-mode not having that function. The org-mode has changed quite a bit, and mu4e/org was experimental in the first place, so it could use some love indeed...


Yeah, it needs love! Who wants or can spend it?

I gave it a tough but couldn't get far. Guess it has to do with some


that are not set. Among them might be


which is supposed to be a function.

Jon Miller

This bugged me today and I spent time to find a resolution in a slight modification to org~mu4e-mime-convert-to-html where I replaced the calls to org-export-string with calls to org-export-string-as based on what I saw other org code doing. I'll send a pull request.

Jon Miller jonEbird referenced this issue from a commit in jonEbird/mu
Jon Miller Updated html export to org v8 standards
Replaced use of org-export-string with org-export-string-as to match
updated org coding standards.

This specifically addresses issue #391
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