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This fixes issue #153 where flagging messages cause message view to open when it shouldn't. #169

merged 2 commits into from

2 participants


mu4e~view-quit-buffer didn't set mu4e~headers-view-win to nil. Hence, mu4e~headers-move thought that the message view had to be updated even when the message view was actually closed. I tested with all three possible settings of mu4e-split-view.


Also fixes #165. See comment there.

@djcb djcb merged commit 85f0064 into djcb:master

Merged, thanks!

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Commits on Mar 17, 2013
  1. Set mu4e-headers-view-win to nil when closing message view.

    Titus von der Malsburg authored
  2. Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

    Titus von der Malsburg authored
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  1. +2 −0  mu4e/mu4e-view.el
2  mu4e/mu4e-view.el
@@ -1214,10 +1214,12 @@ other windows."
;; headers are visible
(kill-buffer-and-window) ;; kill the view win
+ (setq mu4e~headers-view-win nil)
(select-window headers-win)) ;; and switch to the headers win...
;; headers are not visible...
+ (setq mu4e~headers-view-win nil)
(when (buffer-live-p mu4e~view-headers-buffer)
(switch-to-buffer mu4e~view-headers-buffer))))))
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