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Make region maps configurable. #361

merged 3 commits into from

2 participants

Evgkeni Sampelnikof Dirk-Jan C. Binnema
Evgkeni Sampelnikof

If this changeset looks good, I can also convert the "contacts" keymaps the same way.

Dirk-Jan C. Binnema

Overall looks good - but all functions would need a docstring to describe what they're doing -- thanks!

Evgkeni Sampelnikof

Should be ready to merge

Dirk-Jan C. Binnema djcb merged commit 49e46e9 into from
Dirk-Jan C. Binnema

Merged -- thanks!

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Commits on Feb 6, 2014
  1. Evgkeni Sampelnikof

    mu4e-view: externalized keymaps

    sabof authored
Commits on Feb 7, 2014
  1. Evgkeni Sampelnikof

    Externalised the contacts map

    sabof authored
  2. Evgkeni Sampelnikof

    Added docstrings

    sabof authored
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Showing with 74 additions and 35 deletions.
  1. +74 −35 mu4e/mu4e-view.el
109 mu4e/mu4e-view.el
@@ -118,6 +118,33 @@ The first letter of NAME is used as a shortcut character.")
(defvar mu4e-view-fill-headers t
"If non-nil, automatically fill the headers when viewing them.")
+(defvar mu4e-view-contacts-header-keymap
+ (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+ (define-key map [mouse-1] 'mu4e~view-toggle-contact)
+ (define-key map [?\M-\r] 'mu4e~view-toggle-contact)
+ (define-key map [mouse-2] 'mu4e~view-compose-contact)
+ (define-key map "C" 'mu4e~view-compose-contact)
+ (define-key map "c" 'mu4e~view-copy-contact)
+ map)
+ "Keymap used for the contacts in the header fields.")
+(defvar mu4e-view-clickable-urls-keymap
+ (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+ (define-key map [mouse-1] 'mu4e~view-browse-url-from-binding)
+ (define-key map [?\M-\r] 'mu4e~view-browse-url-from-binding)
+ map)
+ "Keymap used for the urls inside the body.")
+(defvar mu4e-view-attachments-header-keymap
+ (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+ (define-key map [mouse-1] 'mu4e~view-open-attach-from-binding)
+ (define-key map [?\M-\r] 'mu4e~view-open-attach-from-binding)
+ (define-key map [mouse-2] 'mu4e~view-save-attach-from-binding)
+ (define-key map (kbd "<S-return>") 'mu4e~view-save-attach-from-binding)
+ map)
+ "Keymap used in the \"Attachements\" header field.")
@@ -266,6 +293,21 @@ marking if it still had that."
(when embedded (local-set-key "q" 'kill-buffer-and-window))
+(defun mu4e~view-get-property-from-event (prop)
+ "Get the property PROP at point, or the location of the mouse.
+The action is chosen based on the `last-command-event'.
+Meant to be evoked from interactive commands."
+ (if (and (eventp last-command-event)
+ (mouse-event-p last-command-event))
+ (let ((posn (event-end last-command-event)))
+ (when (numberp (posn-point posn))
+ (get-text-property
+ (posn-point posn)
+ prop
+ (window-buffer (posn-window posn)))
+ ))
+ (get-text-property (point) prop)))
(defun mu4e~view-construct-header (field val &optional dont-propertize-val)
"Return header field FIELD (as in `mu4e-header-info') with value
VAL if VAL is non-nil. If DONT-PROPERTIZE-VAL is non-nil, do not
@@ -340,20 +382,14 @@ at POINT, or if nil, at (point)."
(email (when (cdr c)
(replace-regexp-in-string "[[:cntrl:]]" "" (cdr c))))
(short (or name email)) ;; name may be nil
- (long (if name (format "%s <%s>" name email) email))
- (map (make-sparse-keymap)))
- (define-key map [mouse-1] 'mu4e~view-toggle-contact)
- (define-key map [?\M-\r] 'mu4e~view-toggle-contact)
- (define-key map [mouse-2] 'mu4e~view-compose-contact)
- (define-key map "C" 'mu4e~view-compose-contact)
- (define-key map "c" 'mu4e~view-copy-contact)
+ (long (if name (format "%s <%s>" name email) email)))
'long long
'short short
'email email
'display (if mu4e-view-show-addresses long short)
- 'keymap map
+ 'keymap mu4e-view-contacts-header-keymap
'face 'mu4e-contact-face
'mouse-face 'highlight
@@ -401,16 +437,19 @@ at POINT, or if nil, at (point)."
(val (when val (concat val " (" btn ")"))))
(mu4e~view-construct-header :signature val t)))
-(defun mu4e~view-open-attach-func (msg attnum)
- "Return a function that opens attachment with ATTNUM."
- (lexical-let ((msg msg) (attnum attnum))
- (lambda () (interactive) (mu4e-view-open-attachment msg attnum))))
+(defun mu4e~view-open-attach-from-binding ()
+ "Open the attachement at point, or click location."
+ (interactive)
+ (let* (( msg (mu4e~view-get-property-from-event 'mu4e-msg))
+ ( attnum (mu4e~view-get-property-from-event 'mu4e-attnum)))
+ (mu4e-view-open-attachment msg attnum)))
-(defun mu4e~view-save-attach-func (msg attnum)
- "Return a function that saves attachment with ATTNUM."
- (lexical-let ((msg msg) (attnum attnum))
- (lambda () (interactive)
- (mu4e-view-save-attachment-single msg attnum))))
+(defun mu4e~view-save-attach-from-binding ()
+ "Save the attachement at point, or click location."
+ (interactive)
+ (let* (( msg (mu4e~view-get-property-from-event 'mu4e-msg))
+ ( attnum (mu4e~view-get-property-from-event 'mu4e-attnum)))
+ (mu4e-view-save-attachment-single msg attnum)))
(defun mu4e~view-construct-attachments-header (msg)
"Display attachment information; the field looks like something like:
@@ -454,27 +493,19 @@ at POINT, or if nil, at (point)."
(lambda (part)
(let ((index (mu4e-message-part-field part :index))
(name (mu4e-message-part-field part :name))
- (size (mu4e-message-part-field part :size))
- (map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+ (size (mu4e-message-part-field part :size)))
(incf id)
(puthash id index mu4e~view-attach-map)
- (define-key map [mouse-1]
- (mu4e~view-open-attach-func msg id))
- (define-key map [?\M-\r]
- (mu4e~view-open-attach-func msg id))
- (define-key map [mouse-2]
- (mu4e~view-save-attach-func msg id))
- (define-key map (kbd "<S-return>")
- (mu4e~view-save-attach-func msg id))
(propertize (format "[%d]" id)
'face 'mu4e-attach-number-face)
(propertize name 'face 'mu4e-link-face
- 'keymap map
+ 'keymap mu4e-view-attachments-header-keymap
'mouse-face 'highlight
+ 'mu4e-msg msg
+ 'mu4e-attnum id
"[mouse-1] or [M-RET] opens the attachment\n"
"[mouse-2] or [S-RET] offers to save it"))
@@ -731,6 +762,16 @@ What browser is called is depending on
(browse-url url))))))
+(defun mu4e~view-browse-url-from-binding (&optional url)
+ "View in browser the url at point, or click location.
+If the optional argument URL is provided, browse that instead.
+If the url is mailto link, start writing an email to that address."
+ (interactive)
+ (let* (( url (or url (mu4e~view-get-property-from-event 'mu4e-url))))
+ (if (string-match-p "^mailto:" url)
+ (mu4e~compose-browse-url-mail url)
+ (browse-url url))))
(defun mu4e~view-show-images-maybe (msg)
"Show attached images, if `mu4e-show-images' is non-nil."
(when (and (display-images-p) mu4e-view-show-images)
@@ -757,15 +798,13 @@ Also number them so they can be opened using `mu4e-view-go-to-url'."
(make-hash-table :size 32 :weakness nil))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward mu4e~view-url-regexp nil t)
- (let ((url (match-string 0))
- (map (make-sparse-keymap)))
- (define-key map [mouse-1] (mu4e~view-browse-url-func url))
- (define-key map [?\M-\r] (mu4e~view-browse-url-func url))
+ (let ((url (match-string 0)))
(puthash (incf num) url mu4e~view-link-map)
(add-text-properties 0 (length url)
`(face mu4e-link-face
mouse-face highlight
- keymap ,map
+ mu4e-url ,url
+ keymap ,mu4e-view-clickable-urls-keymap
"[mouse-1] or [M-RET] to open the link") url)
@@ -1186,7 +1225,7 @@ offer to go to a range of URLs."
(mu4e~view-get-urls-num "URL to visit")))
(url (gethash num mu4e~view-link-map)))
(unless url (mu4e-warn "Invalid number for URL"))
- (funcall (mu4e~view-browse-url-func url))))
+ (mu4e~view-browse-url-from-binding url)))
(defun mu4e-view-go-to-urls-multi ()
"Offer to visit multiple URLs from the current message.
Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.