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@djcb djcb released this Feb 3, 2018 · 171 commits to master since this release

After a decade of development, mu 1.0!


- New, custom query parser which replaces Xapian's 'QueryParser'
  both in mu and mu4e. Existing queries should still work, but the
  new engine handles non-alphanumeric queries much better.
- Support regular expressions in queries (with the new query engine),
  e.g. "subject:/foo.*bar/".  See the new `mu-query` and updated
  `mu-easy` manpages for examples.
- cfind: ensure nicks are unique
- auxiliary programs invoked from mu/mu4e survive terminating the
  shell / emacs


- Allow for rewriting message bodies
- Toggle-menus for header settings
- electric-quote-(local-)mode work when composing emails
- Respect format=flowed and delsp=yes for viewing plain-text
- Added new mu4e-split-view mode: single-window
- Add menu item for `untrash'.p
- Unbreak abbrevs in mu4e-compose-mode
- Allow forwarding messages as attachments
- Default to 'skip duplicates' and 'include headers' in
  headers-view, which should be good defaults for most users. Can
  be customized using `mu4e-headers-skip-duplicates' and
  `mu4e-headers-include-related', respectively.
- Many bug fixed (see github for all the details).
- Updated documentation

Contributors for this release:

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Alex Bennée, Arne Köhn, Christophe
Troestler, Damien Garaud, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, galaunay, Hong Xu,
Ian Kelling, John Whitbeck, Josiah Schwab, Jun Hao, Krzysztof
Jurewicz, maxime, Mekeor Melire, Nathaniel Nicandro, Ronald Evers,
Sean 'Shaleh' Perry, Sébastien Le Callonnec, Stig Brautaset,
Thierry Volpiatto, Titus von der Malsburg, Vladimir Sedach, Wataru
Ashihara, Yuri D'Elia.

And all the people on the mailing-list and in github, with bug
reports, questions and suggestions.
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