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fix prio mapping with alert

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1 parent 4a94cfb commit 50f09bfc6f5bf79e72a1223e345ee720b507e56a @djcb committed Nov 5, 2017
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@@ -685,7 +685,7 @@ alert.el ( You can use it like:
Obviously, 'alert.el' must be loaded for this to work."
;; sauron priorities [0..5] mapping alert severities
(when (fboundp 'alert)
- (let ((sev (nth prio '(trivial trivial low normal moderate high urgent)))
+ (let ((sev (nth prio '(trivial low normal high urgent)))
(cat origin) ;; origins map to alert categories
(title (format "Alert from %S" origin)))
(alert msg :severity sev :title title :category cat))))

1 comment on commit 50f09bf

sorry to bother but is there a reason why the "moderate" disappear?

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