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<p>If you find any problems or you have improvements, please report them to
-<p><strong>Update:</strong> 24.12.2008: a new version 0.3 is available, mostly
+<p><strong>Update:</strong> 2010-11-13: version 0.4 is now available, which
+ simplifies the output a bit (use <tt>G_DEFINE_TYPE</tt>) and make thing
+ faster in some cases (by putting at 'priv'-pointer in the public
+ struct).
+<p><strong>Update:</strong> 2008-12-24: a new version 0.3 is available, mostly
due to a patch from Viktor Nagy -- thanks!
<pre>$ spuug --help
-Copyright (c) 2006,2007,2008 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>.
-spuug is free software covered by the GNU General Public License v3
+spuug version 0.4
+Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>.
+spuug is free software covered by the GNU GPL v3+
spuug is a script to generate GObject boilerplate code
usage: spuug [OPTIONS]
@@ -43,12 +49,12 @@
$ spuug --class=FunkyFooBar --namespace=Funky --parent=GtkWidget
-will generate <a href="funky-foo-bar.c" >funky-foo-bar.c</a> and <a href="funky-foo-bar.h" >funky-foo-bar.h</a> with the boilerplate code
+will generate funky-foobar.c and funky-foobar.h with the boilerplate code
$ spuug --class=CuteThing --namespace=Cute --parent=GObject --test
-will generate <a href="cute-thing.c" >cute-thing.c</a> and <a href="cute-thing.h" >cute-thing.h</a> with the boilerplate code,
-and <a href="test-cute-thing.c" >test-cute-thing.c</a> and <a href="Makefile" >Makefile</a> for testing</pre>
+will generate cute-thing.c and cute-thing.h with the boilerplate code,
+and test-cute-thing.c and Makefile for testing</pre>
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<tt>spuug</tt> was written by me, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema. You can reach me at
<tt>djcb at djcbsoftware dot nl</tt>, or alternatively through IM (XMPP) at
-<tt></tt>. I maintain some blogs; my Dutch <a
-href="" >ChangeLog</a>-blog, my English <a href="" >djcbflux</a> (mostly technical) and <a href="" >Emacs-Fu</a> with Emacs-tips.
+<tt></tt>. I maintain some blogs; my
+Dutch <a href="" >ChangeLog</a>-blog
+and <a href="" >Emacs-Fu</a> with Emacs-tips.
-<tt>spuug 0.3</tt> (December 2008) can be downloaded
+<tt>spuug 0.4</tt> (November 2010) can be downloaded
<a href="" >here</a>; there is also a <a href="" >git-repository</a> available.
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