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``repoze.who.plugins.cas`` is a plugin for the `repoze.who framework
enabling straightforward "cassification" (i.e.: makings each of your
applications part of the SSO mecanism) of all applications that can be deployed
through `Python Paste <>`_.
It currently supports CAS 3.0, although it mays be used with others versions of CAS (yet, no compatiblity is ensured as it has only been tested with CAS 3.0).
Applications which can be used :
- App complying with the `simple_authentication WSGI specification <>`_, which take advantage of the REMOTE_USER key in the WSGI environment.
- App which can handle themselves the CAS mecanism (e.g.: phpBB with the CAS patch, - use wphp as a paste filter for integration of PHP with python - )
Links :
- `Official link for CAS <>`_