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TODO: improvement for the future
More Tests
Some scenarios deploying severals applications and running
doctests on it will be soon available.
Handling Single Sign Out
At this point, this plugin does handle SSO (Single Sign On).
Yet, it does not handle Single Sign Out.
There may be several ways to achieve this.
- A simple solution may be found by enabling the plugin to execute each
callable delivered by webapp whose purpose would be to
logout the user from it (e.g: by redirecting the browser on the logout url,
or deleting some cookies etc.).
- Currently, CAS 3 and higher handle SSOut by triggering a POST request to all
the web application registered.
I did not digg this option at all, wonder how it would fit or not.
- ...
Not relying on the CAS server itself ?
At the moment, the plugin relies on a CAS server.
Yet, CAS is just a specific trusted third party (e.g.: like Kerberos etc.)
Thus, to avoid code redundancy between plugins dealing with concrete
implementation of this "trusted third party abstraction",
we should code against this abstraction => refactor this code.
Yet, of course, rather than extending this plugin, we may create a new one,
if each implementations tends to get very specific.
Clearing and make more relevant comments ;)