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= Fckeditor
This gives you the excellent FCKEditor (with file uploads and spell checking) in your Radiant page parts.

== Requirements
This extension has been tested on Radiant version 0.8.0. It will not work on versions < 0.8.0.

If you need a version of this extension that works for Radiant < 0.8.0, please see the "radiant-0.7.1" (or other) tag on github.

You need to have aspell installed for spell checking to work.

== Installation

1. Get the extension:
git clone git://github.com/djcp/radiant-fckeditor.git vendor/extensions/fckeditor

2. Install the relevant resources into $RADIANT_ROOT/app/public/javascripts/fckeditor*
rake radiant:extensions:fckeditor:update

3. Restart your deployment server.

== Uninstallation
* vendor/extensions/fckeditor
* public/javascripts/fckeditor/
* public/javascripts/fckconfig.js
* public/uploads/File|Flash|Image|Media

== Notes
* There are no changes to your Radiant database.
* Uploaded files are saved in $RADIANT_ROOT/public/uploads
* You can have FCKEditor handle only some page parts - it won't interfere with parts handled by another filter.
* You can upload JPG, PNG, GIF and flash files, along with many common video, audio, and office document formats, including text and HTML.

== Usage
Set the filter on your page part to "Fckeditor" and the editor will be instantiated. You can remove the editor from a page part by setting the filter back to something other than "Fckeditor."

Use the "browse server" button on the Image, Flash, and Link tools to invoke the file upload feature.

== Gotchas
* Be sure to allow pop-ups from your Radiant site. The FCKEditor uses popups extensively.
* Radius tags may get mangled by FCKEditor. We've done our best to ensure FCKEditor ignores them, but there will still be quirks. See the Filter Reference on the /admin/pages/edit/ page for details.
* If you don't have aspell installed, spell checking will never find errors. It'll always return "no errors found."

* Look into integrating this plugin with the PageAttachments plugin so that files live on pages and the same uploads are available in FCKEditor and Radius tags.
* Create an admin tab to allow for the specification of allowed MIME-types and customization of toolbar buttons.

== See Also
Based upon Scott Rutherford's Rails 2.0 plugin:


== Author
* Dan Collis-Puro, dan at collispuro.net
* The first versions of this plugin were done on www.endpoint.com's dime. Thanks guys!

== Contributors
* Jereme Claussen, www.jeremeclaussen.com, for debugging help.
* http://github.com/dko for the assistance getting this to work under Radiant 0.8.0.