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This file contains information that might be helpful when browsing swfmill's
sources for whatever reason.
* The classes to represent SWF elements are generated as part of the build
process, by processing codegen/source.xml through the codegen/mk.xsl XSLT
stylesheet. The resulting code is not well indented.
* The generated base classes are derived from SWFTag, SWFAction, SWFStyle,
SWFFilter or (for <type/>s in source.xml) no base class at all (for things
like "Rectangle"). Fonts are certainly special, both the contents of the
DefineFont2 tag (not a "clean", generated class but the SWFGlyphList kludge)
as well as freetype handling and conversion to the proper shape definitions.
* The basic I/O code is in SWFFile (for header, compression) and
SWFReader/Writer (for anything else, including SWF-style nBit numbers etc.)
* The XSL stylesheet that makes up the "simple" processing mode (which is
itself everything but simple) is built in src/xslt/. there's more README
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