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Jellyfish is a quick-and-dirty hack to push a GitHub post-receive webhook through to a set of Opscode Chef nodes causing them to converge.


GitHub -(webhook) -> jellyfish-server -(websocket)-> jellyfish-clients -> chef-client

  1. POSTing to generates a unique URI
  2. On hosts deploying your code install the jellyfish daemon
  3. Configure jellyfish.yml and start so it has a persistent WebSockets connection to your unique URI
  4. GET or POST to{id} to signal a deploy


  1. Generate a new identifier: curl --data ''
  2. Point your webhook at{id}
  3. Install/configure the Jellyfish cookbook
  4. Push to Converge!

To Do

  • Learn how to package, install and daemonize Erlang and Python programs using native techniques
  • Limit identifiers to only those generated

Caveat emptor

Please don't expect this to work well. It's practically the first Erlang program I've ever written. I'm certain it lacks good style, design and is just wrong. I'd love to hear critical feedback to become a better Erlang hacker. Pull requests welcome!

I'll run this code as a community service at I'm using it for my own projects so I may make a reasonable effort to keep it healthy, but absolutely no promises. It may go down for days, randomly destroy your data or vanish forever without notice.



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