Disqus plugin for django CMS
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CMS Plugin Disqus

django CMS plugin for Disqus.


This plugin requires django CMS 2.2 or higher to be properly installed and configured. It also requires you to have a Disqus account.

  • In your projects virtualenv, run pip install cmsplugin-disqus.
  • Add 'cmsplugin_disqus' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  • Set the DISQUS_SHORTNAME setting to your sites shortname. See the Disqus documentation for more details.
  • Run manage.py migrate cmsplugin_disqus.


CMS Plugin Disqus has a single template, located at cmsplugin_disqus/disqus_plugin.html. The template is rendered with the following context variables:

  • DISQUS_SHORTNAME: The value of the DISQUS_SHORTNAME setting, used by Disqus to identify your site.
  • instance: The plugin instance used to render the template.
  • developermode: The value of the DEBUG setting, can be used to turn on the Disqus developer mode for testing.

The context is inherited from the main context used to render the page, therefore you also get all context variables from your template context processors. Most importantly you get the request object, which you can use to load the Disqus embed javascript code over HTTPS if necessary.


You can help translate this plugin at https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/cmsplugin-disqus/.