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🐳 Docker container with rtorrent + rutorrent + filebot
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Docker rTorrent + ruTorrent + Filebot

Image of origin comes from xataz: docker-rtorrent-rutorrent


  • Based on Alpine Linux
  • Tools compiled from sources
  • Filebot is included by default
  • No root process
  • Save custom configuration rTorrent and ruTorrent
  • Logs in output (Supervisor, Nginx, PHP-FPM, rTorrent)
  • Various plugins activated (GeoIP, ratiocolor, showip, checksfs, ...)



What is ruTorrent?

  • ruTorrent is a frontend for popular Bittorent client rtorrent.
  • This project is released under the GPLv3 license, for more details, see at the file in the source code.

What is rTorrent?

  • ruTorrent is the popular Bittorrent client.



  • UID: define uid to running services (default: 991)
  • GID: define gid to running services (default: 991)
  • WEBROOT: default access ruTorrent (default: /)
  • RTORRENT_PORT: port used for rTorrent (default: 6881)
  • RTORRENT_DHT: if DHT is to be used (default: off)
  • FILEBOT_FOLDER: define emplacement to create files (default: Media)
  • FILEBOT_METHOD: method for rename media (default: symlink)
  • FILEBOT_MOVIES: regex for rename movies (default: "{n} ({y})")
  • FILEBOT_MUSICS: regex for rename musics (default: "{n}/{fn}")
  • FILEBOT_SERIES: regex for rename tvshow (default: "{n}/Season {s.pad(2)}/{s00e00} - {t}")
  • FILEBOT_ANIMES: regex for rename animes (default: "{n}/{e.pad(3)} - {t}")
  • FILEBOT_LICENSE_FILE: define the license file (default: none)
  • FILEBOT_EXCLUDE_FILE: define the exclude file, related with $FILEBOT_FOLDER (default: /data/Media/amc.excludes)
  • FILEBOT_SCRIPT: execute script after executing filebot command (default: no)
  • FILEBOT_SCRIPT_DIR: define emplacement to have script postexec (default: null)
  • FILEBOT_LANG: define language used for filebot (default: en)
  • FILEBOT_CONFLICT: define actions for conflicts (default: skip)
  • DEBUG: running with debug output (bool) (default: false)
  • SKIP_PERMS: don't apply chown on medias (movies, tvshow, animes, ...) (default: no)


  • /data: folder for download torrents
  • /config: folder for rTorrent and ruTorrent configuration


  • 8080: ruTorrent interface
  • 6881: rTorrent (override with RTORRENT_PORT)



Access to ruTorrent interface:

docker container run -d --name rutorrent -p 8080:8080 -p 6881:6881 djerfy/rutorrent:latest


With custom values:

docker container run -d \
    --name rutorrent \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    -p 9999:9999 \
    -e WEBROOT=/ \
    -e RTORRENT_DHT=on \
    -e RTORRENT_PORT=9999 \
    -e FILEBOT_METHOD=move \
    -e UID=1001 \
    -e GID=1001 \
    -e DEBUG=true \
    -v $(pwd)/data/data:/data \
    -v $(pwd)/data/config:/config \


Docker image is built and tested via Travis CI. Status of the last build Build Status

By default the last build (success) is pushed into Docker Hub with tag nightly (djerfy/rutorrent:nightly).


Any contributions, are very welcome!

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