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Note For the repo for the SaaS app Timezone.io head over to timezoneio/timezoneio. This project is the original, simple version meant to be self-hosted. Please feel free to sign up for free at Timezone.io and contribute issues and pull requests on that project's repo!

Timezone is an application aimed at helping remote teams by making it easier to see where and when their coworkers are. This project was the basis for the larger Timezone.io project and is meant for self-hosting.



Clone this repo and add a people.json file in the repo's root directory. Timezone codes for the tz field can be found here. Each person object should have data in the following format:

    "name": "Dan",
    "avatar": "https://d389zggrogs7qo.cloudfront.net/images/team/dan.jpg",
    "city": "NYC",
    "tz": "America/New_York"
    "name": "Niel",
    "avatar": "https://d389zggrogs7qo.cloudfront.net/images/team/niel.jpg",
    "city": "Cape Town",
    "tz": "Africa/Johannesburg"


By default, timezone uses port 3000. This port can be changed by setting the environment variable, PORT. i.e. PORT=80 to use port 80.


This project is designed with a Procfile to deploy to a Heroku instance. Please check with Heroku's up to date documentation for any latest changes. You should be able to commit your changes in your forked repo (including adding your own people.json file) then run:

  $ heroku create
  $ git push heroku master


You must have Node.js and Browserify installed on your system to compile the project assets. After install Node.js, run:

  $ npm install -g browserify

To run the server and download all dependencies for the project run this in the project root directory:

  $ npm install

bundle.js contains all of the necessary scripts and data for the client. To re-build this file with Browserify run:

  $ npm run build

Now to start the server on localhost:3000 you can run:

  $ node ./index.js

Note: These docs are very basic and need some more love. I'll add more info soon :)