web tool for converting images to minecraft maps
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nodejs webtool for converting images to Minecraft map items.

Other code/libraries used: jquery, bootstrap, Colour.js, cookies.js, node-nbt, archiver, babel, lazystream, moment, node-static, winston

How to setup and run your own server

  1. Get and install nodejs
  2. Download the files from this repository
  3. Use npm install to get the dependencies
  4. Optional: Run the tests with npm test
  5. Run the build process with npm run build
  6. Optional: Copy public/, lib/ and package.json to your server machine and run npm install --production there
  7. Start the server with npm start

If you don't need your own server, you can just use my instance at http://mc-map.djfun.de.


mc-map-item-tool is licensed under the MIT license.


Run client and server tests with

npm test