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FabSim3 singularity container usage

In this document, we will explain how to download, setup, and run FabSim3 in a singularity container image

What you need:

  • Singularity, which you can download and install from here.

Pull the container from library:

$ singularity pull --name fabsim.img shub://arabnejad/FabSim3
  • note that the download image should be kept as fabsim.img, this filename will be used later for setting environment variable and alias names in your bashrc file

Setting the container

Now, you can run the following to download and setup

make sure you run these commands for the first time in the same directory as the fabsim.img file is downloaded.

The documentation for the container can be accessed by running

$ ./fabsim.img --help

Running the following will download the FabSim3 library in your local machine

  • you also can set the installation directory by setting [FabSim-install-dir], by default, it will be downloaded in sub-folder FabSim3 in your current directory
$ ./fabsim.img -i  [FabSim-install-dir]


$ ./fabsim.img --install [FabSim-install-dir]

at the end of installation part, you will received this message, which explain how you should setup your PC for further usage

  • fabsim_INSTALL_DIR will be replaced by your local machine path
please add/load the generated fabsim_env.conf in your ~/.bashrc

	To load: 
			$ source \${fabsim_INSTALL_DIR}/fabsim_env.conf

	To add to your ~/.bashrc
			$ echo \"source \${fabsim_INSTALL_DIR}/fabsim_env.conf\" >> ~/.bashrc
			$ source ~/.bashrc

Running the container

Now, you can execute FabSim3 by just following this pattern

$ fab <commands>
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