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FabSim3 M12 Release

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@arabnejad arabnejad released this 13 Jun 10:27
· 828 commits to master since this release

FabSim3 M12 Release

This is the month 12 release of FabSim3 as a part of VECMA VVUQ Toolkit

FabSim3 is an automation toolkit for complex simulation tasks. FabSim3 helps users to perform complex remote tasks from a local command-line, and to automatically organise their data and environment variables when they perform these tasks.

FabSim3 v1.0

New Features

  • Added the official FabSim3 web page (#114)
  • Added fabsim command, to be run from anywhere (#101, #118,#89)
  • supported the submission and execution of single jobs, ensembles of multiple jobs through schedulers such as SLURM, ARCHER , and QCG (#76)
  • Added mechanism to automate the installation of QCG Pilot Job manager on remote machines (#94)


  • Clarified plugin documentation (#119)
  • Updated FabUQCampaign tutorial (#100)
  • Updated FabSim3 installation guidance (, #89)
  • Updated status functionality for submitted job on the remote machines (#104,#112)
  • Clarified setup_fabsim output command (#115)
  • Updated plugin functionality, in case of nonexistent plugin, to getting error message and how to fix it (#97)
  • Updated LAMMPS exmaple on FabSim3 (#121,#122)


This version of FabSim3 has been used to enable three of the VECMA application tutorials: