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Mockaroo API

Mockaroo API is an API that let us generate random data and insert into our data bases, create .xml, .xls, .json files. That's it.
This API is based on JSON Objects.

Author Homepage:

How to use it?

    MockarooApi mockarooApi = new MockarooApi("Apikey", "application/json"); 

    HttpURLConnection conn = mockarooApi.getUrl().openConnecion();
	MockarooCreateJSONObject creater = mockarooApi.getCreater();
	JSONArray array= new JSONArray();

	JSONArray columns = new JSONArray();
	columns.put(creater.createCustomList("department", array));

	JSONObject data = mockarooApi.getJSONObject(conn, columns);

	MockarooDataAccess dataAccess = new MockarooDataAccess("databaseDriver", "localhost", "username", "password");
	String[] columnsTable = new String[2];
	columnsTable[0] = "department";
	columnsTable[1] = "name";
	mockarooApi.Insert(data, dataAccess, "tableName", columnsTable);//Insert into a data base
	MockarooFile excel = new MockarooExcel("c:/temp/","test","testing","en", "EN");
    excel.write(data); //Generate a Excel file
    MockarooFile json = new MockarooJSON("c:/temp/", "test");
    json.write(data); //Generate a .json file
    MockarooFile xml = new MockarooXML("c:/temp/", "test", "lala");


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Release history

Version Number Date
v1.0.0 19/July/2014
v0.1.0 18/July/2014

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