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Copyright (c) 2006 - 2007 Night Productions, by Darkshadow. All Rights Reserved.
May be used freely, but keep my name/copyright in the header.
There is NO warranty of any kind, express or implied; use at your own risk.
Responsibility for damages (if any) to anyone resulting from the use of this
code rests entirely with the user.
* August 25, 2006 - initial release
* August 30, 2006
• Fixed a bug where cursor rects would be enabled even if the
textfield wasn't visible. i.e. it's in a scrollview, but the
textfield isn't scrolled to where it's visible.
• Fixed an issue where mouseUp wouldn't be called and so clicking
on the URL would have no effect when the textfield is a subview
of a splitview (and maybe some other certain views). I did this
by NOT calling super in -mouseDown:. Since the textfield is
non-editable and non-selectable, I don't believe this will cause
any problems.
• Fixed the fact that it was using the textfield's bounds rather than
the cell's bounds to calculate rects.
* May 25, 2007
Contributed by Jens Miltner:
• Fixed a problem with the text storage and the text field's
attributed string value having different lengths, causing
range exceptions.
• Added a delegate method allowing custom handling of URLs.
• Tracks initially clicked URL at -mouseDown: to avoid situations
where dragging would end up in a different URL at -mouseUp:, opening
that URL. This includes situations where the user clicks on an empty
area of the text field, drags the mouse, and ends up on top of a
link, which would then erroneously open that link.
• Fixed to allow string links to work as well as URL links.
Changes by Darkshadow:
• Overrode -initWithCoder:, -initWithFrame:, and -awakeFromNib to
explicitly set the text field to be non-editable and
non-selectable. Now you don't need to remember to set this up,
and the class will work correctly regardless.
• Added in the ability for the user to copy URLs to the clipboard.
Note that this is off by default.
• Some code clean up.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface DSClickableURLTextField : NSTextField {
NSTextStorage *URLStorage;
NSLayoutManager *URLManager;
NSTextContainer *URLContainer;
NSURL *clickedURL;
BOOL canCopyURLs;
- (void)setCanCopyURLs:(BOOL)aFlag;
- (BOOL)canCopyURLs;
@interface NSObject (DSClickableURLTextFieldDelegate)
- (BOOL)textField:(id)textField openURL:(NSURL*)url;