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@@ -50,15 +50,15 @@ No one likes repeating code, but in both cases, the pattern is generally the sam
* start with an **accumulator**, a **sequence** and a **function** that takes
two arguments (the **accumulator** and the first item of the
- sequence)
+ sequence), e.g. ```+```, ```*```
* If sequence is empty return the **accumulator** and exit, else..
* take the first-item from the sequence and apply the **function** to
it along with the **accumulator**, i.e. ```(f acc item)```
* recur with the result of the **accumulator** and the rest of the
With that in mind we can use the above pattern and make it more generic and
-re-usable multiple uses.
+re-usable for multiple uses.
{% highlight clojure %}
(defn suck-sequence [f accumulator coll]

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