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Coverage testing tool for The Go Programming Language (work-in-progress)


go get


There are currently three gocov commands: test, report, annotate.

gocov test

Running gocov test <package> will, for the specified package, instrument all imported packages not part of the standard library, and run "go test". Upon completion, coverage data will be emitted in the form of a JSON document.

Packages will be recursively checked for imports, and those packages will also be instrumented. If you wish to exclude a package from instrumentation, you can specify an optional exclude flag, e.g. gocov test -exclude comma,separated,packages.

gocov report

Running gocov report <coverage.json> will generate a textual report from the coverage data output by gocov test. It is assumed that the source code has not changed in between.

gocov annotate

Running gocov annotate <coverage.json> <package[.receiver].function> will generate a source listing of the specified function, annotating it with coverage information, such as which lines have been missed.

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