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At the moment the whole emulator is launched using command line settings.

Might be worth considering creating some sort of GUI that

  • Changes emulator settings (e.g. saves dir, screen size etc)
  • Displays ROMS (which you can boot into)
  • Allows you to administer save files (could perhaps be linked with #19 and have the saves stored in a DB?)


Go doesn't really have a mature GUI library yet, so might need to consider using a different language? GUI frameworks come with the whole headache of cross platform support and dependencies too.


Could maybe think about setting up a small HTTP server and having the GUI built with HTML and javascript?


I thought about doing something similar for my emu. My conclusion was to just man up and do it in OpenGL so that A) I wouldn't have to deal with the pain of the current state of Go GUI libraries, and B) it'd be a bit easier to integrate the UI into the emulator since it's one canvas.


clingon could be an option too :)

djhworld commented Jul 1, 2013

@scottferg haha at "man up" - yeah, it's probably the safest option, but less pretty and probably more of a headache. although it would negate the need to open a browser I suppose...

@remogatto -> that might be actually be a good compromise, I'll definitely check this out when I pick this item up again

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