An extension to the strings library that takes inspiration from Data.List in Haskell (for strings only)
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This is a small library that implements some of the functions from the Data.List package in Haskell that are only applicable to strings.


$ go get


Because I enjoy programming in Haskell and want some of the standard library features found Data.List to be in Go, plus I found it an enjoyable intellectual exercise too.

But why only for strings? Why not use empty interfaces and make your code "generic" so it works with any datatype?

Personally, I don't see the use of the empty interface to be best practise when you want to guarantee type safety at runtime. I'm a strong advocate for compile time type checking and I feel it would not be appropriate to use interface{} as a half-way house to generics.

As soon as the Go team implement generics/parametric polymorphism into the language I'll almost certainly drop this library and create a more "generic" solution akin to Data.List. For those looking to go down the interface{} route now, please see the Seq library by Bill Burdick

Why no Map?

See strings.Map for the default implementation, although this version is NOT like Haskell's map in the sense that you can only input and output a string, no other type.


With thanks

To the people on reddit who helped me with this code. Originally, I implemented all the functions in a Haskell like style with plenty of recursion and other inefficiencies that don't work so well in a non tail-call optimised language. With the help from the users such as "rogpeppe" I was able to tighten up the package a lot with much faster code.