DJI Mobile SDK for iOS:
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DJI Mobile SDK for iOS

What Is This?

The DJI Mobile SDK enables you to automate your DJI Product. You can control flight, and many subsystems of the product including the camera and gimbal. Using the Mobile SDK, create a customized mobile app to unlock the full potential of your DJI aerial platform.

Get Started Immediately

SDK Installation with CocoaPods

Since this project has been integrated with DJI iOS SDK CocoaPods now, please check the following steps to install DJISDK.framework using CocoaPods after you downloading this project:

1. Install CocoaPods

Open Terminal and change to the download project's directory, enter the following command to install it:

sudo gem install cocoapods

The process may take a long time, please wait. For further installation instructions, please check this guide.

2. Install SDK with CocoaPods in the Project

Run the following command in the ObjcSampleCode and SwiftSampleCode paths:

pod install

If you install it successfully, you should get the messages similar to the following:

Analyzing dependencies
Downloading dependencies
Installing DJI-SDK-iOS (3.5.1)
Generating Pods project
Integrating client project

[!] Please close any current Xcode sessions and use `DJISdkDemo.xcworkspace` for this project from now on.
Pod installation complete! There is 1 dependency from the Podfile and 1 total pod

Note: If you saw "Unable to satisfy the following requirements" issue during pod install, please run the following commands to update your pod repo and install the pod again:

pod repo update
pod install

Run Sample Code

Developers can setup the App Key and run the sample code to see how the DJI Mobile SDK can be used.

One of DJI's aircraft or handheld cameras will be required to run the sample application.

Development Workflow

From registering as a developer, to deploying an application, the following will take you through the full Mobile SDK Application development process:

Sample Projects & Tutorials

Several iOS tutorials are provided as examples on how to use different features of the Mobile SDK and debug tools includes:

Learn More about DJI Products and the Mobile SDK

Please visit DJI Mobile SDK Documentation for more details.

SDK API Reference

iOS SDK API Documentation

FFmpeg Customization

We have forked the original FFmpeg and added customized features to provide more video frame information including the frame's width and height, frame rate number, etc. These features will help to implement video hardware decoding.

The SDK Sample Code uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source code can be downloaded from this Github Page.

Video Hardware Decoder Open Source

Please check the VideoPreviewer source code for details.


You can get support from DJI with the following methods: