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DJI Android UX SDK

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The DJI UX SDK speeds up development time by providing UI elements for all core functionalities, and by using it in conjunction with the DJI Mobile SDK you can create a customized mobile app to unlock the full potential of your DJI aerial platform. Using the default UX SDK, an application can be created with no additional lines of code; you can also pick and choose which elements you want to use for maximum UI flexibility.

With the UX SDK 5.0 version we are introducing an easy way to customize all the UI elements, as well as extend the base classes to build your own custom widgets. For more details, see the UX SDK 5.0 overview.

Check out our sample app code in this repository with instructions on how to get started here.


Read the documentation for installation to learn more about including this library in your applications.


You can find the UX SDK documentation on the wiki. This includes -

How to Contribute

As always, the DJI Dev Team is committed to improving your developer experience. Please follow our guidelines on the file for filling out any bugs or feature requests, contributing to the code base, or how to get support. If you have any other questions, please send an email to We recommend frequently checking the Github repositories for changes and new releases. You can also post questions, keep up to date on DJI developer news and contribute to the community by visiting DJI's Developer Forum

Future Plans

We are eager to give you a sneak peek, and are very interested in receiving your feedback and suggestions. Please refer to the wiki or the release notes for the full list of elements that the Beta 5 version makes available.

Our long-term plan is for this framework to reach feature parity with the current UX SDK 4.x release. The core team is currently working on porting the remaining widgets and other APIs to the new architecture and we will open source them in additional future Beta releases as they are completed. We welcome your feedback on the architecture and your ideas for additional widgets, including those not included in prior UX SDK releases, as well as your contributions and PRs for any currently open-sourced features.


Mobile-UXSDK-Beta-Android is available under the the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE.txt file for more info.

Mobile-UXSDK-Beta-Android uses several unmodified libraries which are listed along with their licenses in the dependencyLicenses.txt file.