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DJI Onboard SDK (OSDK) 3.7

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What is the DJI Onboard SDK?

The DJI Onboard SDK allows you to connect your own Onboard Computer to a supported DJI vehicle or flight controller using a serial port (TTL UART). For full documentation, please visit the DJI Developer Site. Documentation regarding the code can be found in the OSDK API Reference section of the developer website.

Latest Release

OSDK 3.7 was released on 14 Aug 2018. This release adds many new telemetry topics, an emergency stop API and more for the A3, N3 and M210/M210RTK platforms. Please see the release notes for more information.

Last Major Release

OSDK 3.6 was released on 02 Feb 2018. This release adds powerful features on top of the stereo vision stack for M210/M210 RTK, and brings a number of bugfixes and performance improvements.

Firmware Compatibility

This chart shows the latest firmware that were available and are supported at the time of 3.7 release.

Aircraft/FC Firmware Package Version Flight Controller Version OSDK Branch Notes
M210/M210 RTK 1.1.0913 OSDK 3.7
M600/M600 Pro OSDK 3.7
A3/A3 Pro OSDK 3.7
N3 OSDK 3.7
M100 OSDK 3.7


You can get support from DJI and the community with the following methods: